Omnipotent Ideologies

There is a newly discovered god, a new mysticism, a newly named irresistible abstract force at work on us. Its or his name is “dominant ideology”.

Ideologies organize and structure society progressively and organically. The dominant ideology [now] is mechanistic in nature. It is this ideology that redesigned society, created new institutions, and selected new authority figures.
The transition from a democracy to a totalitarian technocracy, in which the coronacrisis was a great leap forward, formed part of the logic of the mechanistic ideology from the very beginning.
The Lockstep scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation, Event 201 of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (in collaboration with Johns Hopkins and the Rockefeller Foundation), and The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab … For many people, these are proof that the social developments we’re experiencing are planned and the product of a conspiracy, since long before the outbreak these “plans” described how society would go into lockdown as the result of a pandemic, that a biopassport would be introduced, and that people would be tracked and traced with subcutaneous sensors.
[But in fact] the “plans” do not precede the developments, as a conspiracy logic suggests. They follow them. Those who guide the masses are not real “leaders” in the sense that they do not have the capability to determine where the masses will go. Instead, they sense what people crave and they adjust their plans in that direction. They may relish pretending to have control and direct the chain of events, but they are more like a child sitting on the bow of a ship and turning a toy steering wheel every time the tanker changes direction.
There are countless other examples that seem to point in the direction of a plan being implemented, such as: the fact that the definition of “pandemic” was changed shortly before the coronacrisis; the definition of “herd immunity” to imply that only vaccines can achieve it; the counting method for corona deaths was adjusted by the WHO so it was higher than the number of flu deaths; that the registration methodology of vaccine side effects led to serious underestimation (by, for example, labeling those that become apparent during the first fortnight after vaccination as not vaccine-related); that all key political positions when the crisis started were held by politicians who were pro-technocracy (all people referred to as the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders).
These are examples of how an ideology gets a grip on society, not evidence of the execution of a conspiracy.

Request to readers:
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I disagree. I don’t see how all the events listed, just in the covid “crisis” itself, could be considered “organic”. Or any of the other “crises” we’ve been subjected to in the past decades that were also planned for in the communist playbook.
How is a “movement” such as BLM, who’s own founders admitted to being trained Marxists, be considered organic? How is the “climate crisis”, who’s promoters admitted that its purpose was to destroy capitalism, be “organic”?
The pushing of Marxist ideology has been a deliberate, planned, orchestrated “March Through the Institutions” that began decades ago and is now nearing completion. Organic, my ass!!!


I absolutely agree with you, Liz!

One can take away the word “conspiracy” and just call what has happened the result of a plan - actually a lot of plans all tending to the same end: ever greater control by the Left over all of us. Plans that were carried out. Just as “the long march through the institutions” was a plan that was carried out.