Obama's Devious Plan to Enable Iran to Become A Nuclear Power Approaches Fulfillment

… The plan has been continued under “Obama’s third term”, the four years of “President” Biden’s administration. It has been promoted with vast sums of US citizens’ money, much of it in the form of dollar bills flown to the ayatollahs’ state which screams constantly for “Death to America! Death to Israel!” and is actively attacking American soldiers and ships, and America’s ally Israel, through terrorist proxies.

What can the Obama plan’s ultimate goal be but the greater empowerment of Islam - and the consequent nuclear destruction of the state of Israel?

Majid Rafizadeh writes at Gatestone:

In a noteworthy development, for the first time, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has issued a warning, signaling that Iran now holds a sufficient quantity of highly enriched uranium capable of producing multiple nuclear warheads.

While the Biden administration is in power -

Iran’s regime feels free to expedite its nuclear ambitions without facing any repercussions. The regime is undoubtedly also aware that in ten months or so – on US election day, November 5 – this opportunity might close.

The article includes this strange passage:

As Andrea Stricker of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies wrote:
“Iran sprinting for nuclear weapons this year would be the capstone of the Biden-Sullivan foreign policy doctrine of letting our adversaries run the globe and pushing back only when it’s too late or the situation becomes untenable.”

It is not hard to recognize the probable truth of Stricker’s statement up to “run the globe”, but does she really mean that “pushing back only when it’s too late” is part of the doctrine? I don’t say she is wrong, but if she means what she says she is accusing Biden of unmitigated treason - as I do too.

It is not, however, Biden’s own “foreign policy doctrine”. He is incapable of conceiving such a thing. It is Obama’s plan for punishing America, empowering Islam, and destroying Israel.

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Yes, that’s definitely their “doctrine” - “letting our adversaries run the globe and pushing back only when it’s too late…” Which, yes, is on purpose.
Just like the border invasion, which they are deliberately orchestrating - the bill that’s been introduced to “fix” it doesn’t fix it - it just codifies it.
It makes the invasion official policy.
That’s what Obama’s Iran deal did, and is still doing.
They are traitors, and every single thing they do is part of a plan to destroy us.
It’s a never-ending nightmare.

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