NPR and Gun Rights

When Trump was campaigning in 2016, our Lesbian friend in Florida called us to ask for advice on gun purchasing, because she was afraid of Trump supporters shifting from confronting her about her Bernie Sanders bumper stickers to actual physical assaults upon her person or property. She eventually purchased a handgun and a shotgun, took gun safety classes and began instead to worry about our granddaughters having to grow up without abortion services easily and cheaply accessed.

There is real fear in the LGBTQ+ community in some circles apparently. Another homosexual friend re-posted stuff that lets others know that Republicans think he shouldn’t have a right to exist…but, I guess we are not real Republicans, we just vote that way. He feels victimized despite his normal life with an excellent managerial position, lovely beach home, loving mother and family and lifelong friends, who remain close to him and include him in their family gatherings with their young children, who call him Uncle.

BTW, we also feel it is a dangerous world out there and that we need to protect ourselves by capably being dangerous if we need to. We know that as cis-gendered, white people, who are Conservative and Trump supporters, we could become victims of angry violence against us…or we could be attacked by POC or White criminals in our cities.

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The spread of LGBTQ is not just a “social contagion”. It’s a social contagion created by our own leftist government “psy-ops” spooks as a part of their cultural Marxist Revolution agenda.
And arming and inciting them is, too.

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