Now Will the West Make Gloves of Human Skin?

Quotations from The West has gone mad – and evil by Giulio Meotti:

This West now hates itself to the point of generating crazy paradoxes every day. Under these circumstances, how long can our house, the increasingly divided house of the civilized world, stand?

The West has rotted to the point that high percentages of young people sympathize with the writings of Osama bin Laden. …

What is this evil acid that corrodes Western humanism, and where does it come from?

It must be nice in the morning to march around with a clenched fist railing against the West and Israel and in the evening to return home and dive into the reassuring well-being that the West has given you. …

Horror germinates in the withered heart of the West. And it’s tangible.

Close to the First World War, the great Austrian writer Karl Kraus said that the era would soon arrive in which, in the heart of the highest Western culture, “men will make gloves from other men’s skin”. After October 7, perhaps we will see them again, human leather made into gloves.

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“What is this evil acid”? Well, I would say it’s nothing new - simply the poison of Marxist propaganda, brainwashing, and psychological manipulation.
They’ve been using it to wage the “Cultural Revolution” for decades, and its always the same playbook - create a “victim class” and declare their need for “liberation” from the “oppressor” of Western civilization - which can take the form of the white race, the “patriarchy”, etc, or (sometimes they even admit it) - Capitalism.
You would hope that this ruse, having been repeated so often, would be beyond obvious to everyone. But each generation seems to get easier to dupe than the last…

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