No Vaccine Helps The Old

So vaccination is pointless for those most at risk.

“We have seen a rapid rise in deaths and again the state does not provide full data. It is apparent to me that a huge number of the recent deaths are in the vaccinated elderly. The vaccines simply don’t work well in the frail elderly — no vaccine does. We will continue to see deaths in these older age groups, vaccinated or not.”

Yes, people who are old and frail die. They are far more likely to die than the young and healthy.
To whom is that news?


Yes, I have suspected that. It makes sense that a vaccine that can have dangerous side effects for those who already have risk factors would be dangerous for old people who’s systems are weak.
But of course, just as they’re forcing it on young people, in whom it increases the risk of heart problems, and children, who aren’t at risk from the virus to begin with, they’ve forced it on the old, too.

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Yes, the Left always has to have a villain to blame -and attack. In this case it’s the unvaxxed.