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Hey, Mr/Ms Graduate! Are you morally and sexually disgusting? Yes? Then you must be already or can be if you wish a professor in an American university.

Academia is full of unimaginably horrifying ideas.
Peter Singer is the poster boy for horrible ideas.
[He is] the godfather of the animal rights movement and a Princeton professor of bioethics. After taking a brief break to blame Israel for the Hamas massacres, Singer decided to promote a “thought-provoking article [titled] Zoophilia Is Morally Permissible by Fira Bensto (pseudonym)” which “challenges one of society’s strongest taboos and argues for the moral permissibility of some forms of sexual contact between humans and animals".
Sex with animals is all right if it is consensual. “Your dog or whatever else it is can show you when he or she wants to engage in a certain kind of contact.”
This isn’t Singer’s first go-around. There’s an entire article in the Journal of Clinical Ethics from 2003 titled, Peter Singer and Bestiality.
He modified his previously published view that parents should be able to kill a child up to 28 days after birth. On second thought, he said, “You can’t really propose any cutoff date, but the decision should be made as soon as possible after birth."
And yet Peter Singer continues to be quoted in the media as a serious thinker on ethical issues.

You should be able to marry your dog, or cat, or parrot. Or ape. Or hamster. Or budgerigar. Or fish. Love is love and we loudly believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Think how cute the little figures on the wedding-cake will be: the little man/woman with the wee beastie or bird. Or aquatic stunner. And if you feel you are a dog or an ape or whatever, that’s fine, really it is. Just tell us your pronouns.

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He needs to be euthanized for having a seriously warped and disabled brain. What a pervert.
A sad example of what our entire civilization is becoming - completely rotten.

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