National Health Care Does Not Work

The total number of patients waiting for medical care has soared to a record 6.6 million British citizens, almost 10% of the entire population. The newspaper’s Data Tracker contains a remarkable set of revealing numbers on the Western world’s oldest model of socialized medicine.
Especially significant is the failure of the government health program to meet its central planning targets for access to care, cancer treatment, and primary care appointments. Here are some examples.
• Waiting Lists: Only 63 percent of British patients are being treated within 18 weeks.
• Accident and Emergency Care: Only 72 percent of British patients seeking emergency care are seen within four hours.
• Primary Care Appointments: Only 55 percent of British patients are getting “face to face” appointments.
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, British waiting lists have increased by 2.4 million; 543,000 British patients have had to wait more than four hours to receive accident and emergency care; 2,300 British patients have had to wait more than a month to start cancer treatment; and 407,00 British patients have failed to get MRI examinations or colonoscopies within six weeks.
In short, the NHS is failing to meet every single one of its key duties of care to patients.


Well, that was predictable, and many did predict it.
It’s a terrible crime perpetrated on the citizens of the U.K., but at least it stands as solid proof to the rest of the world of what NOT to do.