Muslims continue to carry out the will of “Allah”:

From The Religion of Peace:

2021.08.12 (Afghanistan)
A former judge is wrapped with barbed wire and dragged to his death.
2021.08.10 (Nigeria)
Muslim terrorists storm a farming community, killing three women in their fields.
2021.08.09 (Niger)
At least fifteen people are slaughtered in their fields by Islamic terrorists.
2021.08.09 (India)
A secular official is assassinated along with his wife.
2021.08.08 (Mali)
Twenty civilians are massacred by Jihadists.
2021.08.08 (Afghanistan)
A family of fourteen is blown to bits by Taliban Jihadists.


And this goes on daily, endlessly. It never stops.
How can any Muslim (or anyone else) honestly claim that Islam is a “religion of peace” in light of this? Or presume that it’s everyone else’s fault?
If they have any decency, then why aren’t Muslims doing everything they can to rid themselves, and the world, of these imposters giving them a bad name? To remove the huge grotesque wart that uglifies their face? Because the wart IS their face.
It’s who they are.