Muslim Terrorist Murders Sir David Amess MP

The fatal stabbing of British lawmaker David Amess was a terrorist incident, police said Saturday, as MPs pressed for tougher security in the wake of the second killing of a UK politician while meeting constituents in just over five years.
Veteran Conservative MP David Amess, 69, was talking with voters at a church in the small town of Leigh-on-Sea east of London when he was stabbed to death on Friday.

The murderer is a Somali Muslim.

Given their track record, UK police are likely to put this investigation on the back burner quickly, and go back to trying to find “white supremacists”.


Right - don’t want to upset the precious Somali Muslims contributing so richly to the fabric of British society!
So the next, and most important step, is to monitor the social media posts of all those white supremacists out there who might say something mean and insensitive and racist about it.
And arrest them!!


Boris Johnson said after the 2005 bombings in London:

The problem is Islam, Islam is the problem.

His solution is to allow in more Muslims and to stop talking about the problem. You can only suspect that he doesn’t care about his colleagues being murdered, after all he has 24/7 security protection now and will continue to enjoy that for the rest of his life.

Breitbart noticed that the Spanish government and the British government were both contemplating ending anonymity on the internet almost simultaneously:


Adding insult to injury - Mark Francois wants to make it illegal to make an insulting comment (like my above comment presumably) anonymously.


And to think- all of this could have been prevented by stopping the whole migration invasion to begin with!
But the invasion, its inevitable destructive consequences, and the freedom-killing “solutions” to them were part of the plan all along.
You have to break a few eggs to make a New World Order!