Multiracial but Unicultural

To meet the challenge of a multiracial society, the only viable pathway to a stable civilization of racially and ethnically different people is a single, shared culture.

Some nations can find collective success as a single homogenous people, like Japan or Switzerland.

Or equally, but with more difficulty, nations can prosper with heterodox peoples—but only if united by a single, inclusive culture as the American melting pot once attested.

But a baleful third option—a multicultural society of diverse, unassimilated, and often rival tribes—historically is a prescription for collective suicide.

We are beginning to see just that in America, as it sheds the melting pot and adopts the salad bowl of unassimilated and warring tribes.

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Do you agree with Victor Davis Hanson?
I do, in theory.
But are not some “cultures” - eg. an intolerant religion such as Islam - unassimilable?

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And here are selected quotations from another opinion:

Not only is Generation Z anti-Israel, but it is generally anti-capitalist, anti-military, anti-empire, and many have declared their unwillingness to serve if America resumes the draft.

Immigration policy opened up with the 1965 Hart-Celler Act, which grew from fashionable tabula rasa assumptions that surrounded the civil rights movement. It was meant to do away with old, allegedly discriminatory immigration rules. Unfortunately, this meant doing away with criteria for merit, ignoring major cultural differences from countries of origin, and disfavoring more assimilable immigrants from Europe.

After 1965, people from Asia, the Middle East, India, and Latin America first trickled and then flooded into our country. “Family reunification” policies reinforced these early waves. Most of these groups were not present before 1965. After a long and sustained flow of non-European immigrants, immigration policy achieved its goal of remaking the American people.

Today, we flatter immigrants that they are the most real Americans because they exemplify our au courant identity as a “nation of immigrants.” The ideology of multiculturalism tells them and us that assimilation is not only unnecessary but wrong, a form of “colonialism". So, almost nothing in our education system or culture encourages respect for the heritage people of America who built this country, tamed its wilderness, and fought its wars. There is no gratitude.

We are not going to deport enough people to change things, and, for the citizen-progeny of immigrants, this is not even a legal option. While we should obviously stop making things worse, even if Trump built the wall and all immigration stopped, America’s future will be very different on account of the post-1965 demographic revolution.

Left-wing education corrupts immigrants and minorities. This has led to a disaster, as evidenced by such varied events as pro-Hamas riots on campus, anti-white and anti-police riots in 2020, and the emergence of radical political leaders like AOC and Rashida Tlaib.

Far from making us stronger, immigration policy has created a political and cultural monster that neither party can now control.

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And there’s this to ponder:

Among the more than 249,000 DHS-approved walkover entries from May 2021 through August 2023 were more than 7,300 immigrants from dozens of nations the United States has long tagged as “countries of national security concern” whose immigrants required enhanced terrorism security screening — “special-interest aliens,” or SIAs.

People approved for walkovers include individuals from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, with some of the largest numbers coming from Muslim-majority former Soviet republics such as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

News of this unique American scheme allowing aliens to schedule their illegal immigration and get work permits has reached the farthest corners of the planet.

The administration approved 1,086 Armenians, 888 from Belarus, 244 from Azerbaijan and dozens from mainland China and Mongolia.

In mysterious decisions that have never been questioned because no one knew of them, Biden’s DHS brought in at land ports nearly 24,000 Russians.

Some cases are so strange as to demand public explanation.

Small numbers of so-called asylum seekers were let in from France, Spain, Greece, Poland and Hungary, democracies not known as hotbeds of political persecution.

One even came in from Canada, another from the United Kingdom and yet another from “British Indian Ocean Territory”.

This is hard to explain since many of these countries have visa-waiver agreements with America, and their citizens can enter at will through normal travel channels.

Small numbers of so-called asylum seekers were let in from France, Spain, Greece, Poland and Hungary, democracies not known as hotbeds of political persecution.

Perhaps most mysterious of the CBP One decisions was bringing in through the land ports on humanitarian-protection grounds more than 57,000 Mexican nationals, representing the largest single nationality in the program. [Although] Mexican citizens almost never qualify for US protections and are rejected for asylum at a rate of 96%.

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It’s all part of the leftist agenda, starting back with that Hart-Cellar Act (which, I recall, was pushed by Ted Kennedy and other leftists) to flood the country with so many foreigners they would overwhelm the system and, being unassimilable, destroy the culture and shared values of Americans.
Especially when combined with the leftist indoctrination in all media and public schools.
It all serves the same purpose - destroy the existing order so it can be replaced with leftist tyranny - now expanded to a global scale.

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