More Whistleblowers Speak Out On Jabs

First we have some nurses speaking out:

Then a slightly unfortunately named funeral director in the UK (O’Looney is actually a real Irish name btw) is interviewed by a fairly well established journalist in Ireland (30 minute interview with some explosive claims):

Deaths Jumped 250% When Injections Began: Lindie Naughton Interviews Funeral Director John O’Looney

Mr O’Looney has been in the news before, in 2020 he spoke out against the impact of the lockdown on people’s finances. He does seem to be who he says he is, there is a real funeral home of the name mentioned, but obviously his claims are anecdotal in that I can’t independently verify them.


Too many deaths from an injection that is meant for a virus with an extremely low death rate. They can’t justify it, especially when there are other good remedies like ivermectin, etc. But they are suppressing that. What’s the ulterior motive?
You know, if it were just for the money, why not just make something harmless that did nothing? Everyone would just get natural immunity, and a small percentage would die from Covid, but at least people wouldn’t die from the vaccine.


Anecdotes like these from people who have seen deaths in hospitals etc may be true even if it’s a statistically relatively small number of those jabbed. I am keeping an open mind on the claims that there is a mass de-population agenda, for one thing so far the death rate here in the UK is at historically low levels following mass jabbing of millions of people.

However there are so many anecdotal stories of vaccine harms, and even some articles like this next one from the Telegraph appearing in the MSM, that I fear the claims of delayed reactions and effects on fertility may have some justification after all:

“Why didn’t doctors listen to women about the link between Covid vaccines and periods?”

A new study reveals that thousands of women experienced irregularities after their jab – yet the medical establishment seems “disinterested”


From another link: Item of Interest: NIH funds studies to assess potential effects of COVID-19 vaccination on menstruation | NICHD - Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

National Institutes of Health has awarded one-year supplemental grants totaling $1.67 million to five institutions to explore potential links between COVID-19 vaccination and menstrual changes. Some women have reported experiencing irregular or missing menstrual periods, bleeding that is heavier than usual, and other menstrual changes after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. The new awards support research to determine whether such changes may be linked to COVID-19 vaccination itself and how long the changes last. Researchers also will seek to clarify the mechanisms underlying potential vaccine-related menstrual changes.

The supplemental grants are funded by NIH’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and the NIH Office of Research on Women’s Health.

“These rigorous scientific studies will improve our understanding of the potential effects of COVID-19 vaccines on menstruation, giving people who menstruate more information about what to expect after vaccination and potentially reducing vaccine hesitancy,” said NICHD Director Diana W. Bianchi, M.D.

Numerous factors can cause temporary changes in the menstrual cycle, which is regulated by complex interactions between the body’s tissues, cells and hormones. Immune responses to a COVID-19 vaccine could affect the interplay between immune cells and signals in the uterus, leading to temporary changes in the menstrual cycle. Other factors that may cause menstrual changes include pandemic-related stress, lifestyle changes related to the pandemic, and infection with SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19).

The new projects will build on existing research studies and leverage data from menstrual tracking applications to evaluate the potential impacts of COVID-19 vaccination on menstrual health among geographically and racially and ethnically diverse populations. One project will focus specifically on adolescents.

Researchers will assess the prevalence and severity of post-vaccination changes to menstrual characteristics including flow, cycle length, pain and other symptoms. These analyses will account for other factors that can affect menstruation—such as stress, medications and exercise—to determine whether the changes are attributable to vaccination. Several projects also seek to unravel the mechanisms underlying the potential effects of COVID-19 vaccines on the menstrual cycle by examining immune and hormonal characteristics in blood, tissue and saliva samples taken before and after COVID-19 vaccination.

The following institutions will conduct the research:

  • Boston University; Principal investigator: Lauren A. Wise, Sc.D.
  • Harvard Medical School, Belmont, Massachusetts; Principal investigator: Laura Allen Payne, Ph.D.
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; Principal investigator: Mostafa Borahay, Ph.D.
  • Michigan State University, East Lansing; Principal investigator: Stacey Ann Missmer, Sc.D.
  • Oregon Health and Science University, Portland; Principal investigator: Alison B. Edelman, M.D.

My daughter had friends that had problems and one of those friends had other friends that had problems. I don’t remember the details now.

I think I may have written about it here earlier.


The big question is are these problems going to persist, I guess it’s not going to be clear until time has elapsed, by which point it’s going to be too late for many. The golden rule has got to be don’t take medical interventions unless you have a significant risk, and COVID-19 was never that for young healthy people.


Very good questions!


Yes. Standards at the Telegraph have fallen. They mean “uninterested”.


“People who menstruate” is a giveaway. They will find the vaccines not guilty, for sure.


It is part of the “Great Reset” plan to reduce population. Transgendering children is also part of it. Death panels are coming.


Yes I’ve heard about alot of miscarriages caused by it. Also, just saw headlines about the FDA hearing - based on VAERS data the risks far outweigh the benefits, especially for children.
The vaccines are driving the variants; half of the vaccinated died, none of the vaccinated died.
Will the government listen to its own FDA??


I love this meme -
“The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected.”


I love it too!