More Evidence That COVID-19 Was Deliberately Created In The Wuhan Lab

There are remarkable similarities between a recently leaked 2018 proposal from EcoHealth Alliance head Peter Daszak and the defining characteristics of COVID-19.

The proposal, dated March 27, 2018, sets out the organization’s plan to create entirely new coronaviruses through the synthetic combination of preexisting virus backbones. It describes how those viruses were going to be made more virulent in humans by the insertion of a furin cleavage site, a feature that distinguishes COVID-19 from all other SARS-related coronaviruses.

The proposal also detailed the creation of entirely new consensus viruses that would effectively have no clear ancestor in nature. Again, the lack of ancestral lineage is a notable feature of COVID-19.


It’s obvious, just as everything else they do, and the intentions are clear - to control the population.