Midterm Elections

The midterm elections ae finally upon us, and it has taken forever for them to get here. The late great Fred Thompson pointed out the wisdom of our founding fathers in scheduling Congressional elections every two years so that if the electorate made a mistake they wouldn’t have to wait too long to at least begin to correct it.

One thing that gets me is the claim by the Democrats that MAGA is a threat to our democracy. It’s not a threat to democracy, it’s only a threat to their political power. Nobody is entitled to political power in this country. Running this country is a privilege, and the Democrats have abused that privilege badly so it will be taken away from them.

I expect that after the midterms Trump will make it official that he’s running in 2024.


Yes, we badly need to win the midterms to save our Republic, which the Democrats themselves are the actual danger to.
And the danger of them cheating us out of the victory again is very real. I fear that even though Trump voters are manning the polls, watching drop boxes, etc, the devious rats will find another way to slither through the cracks and steal it again.