Men Mocking Women

Men have been abused by feminists of both sexes (not genders - “gender” is a grammatical term) for decades. Is that one of the reasons that ever increasing numbers of them are “transgendering” into women?

Once “transgendered”, athletes among them can beat the women at their own games. There’s a lot of satisfaction in that!

And what fun men are having dressing up in extremely flamboyant and extravagant drag for pubic performances of a distinctly obscene nature. Huge breasts. Vast wigs in gorgeous colors. Clown faces. Hideous glittering gowns. Muscular legs wobbling on high heels. What a mockery of women!

And women seem not to realize that they are being mocked.

“Transgendering” yourselves, ladies and girls, is no answer. Having your breasts cut off, and attaching an artificial “penis” will not bother men at all. They’ll only laugh louder.


Exactly! Drag and transgendering make a mockery of women, whether intentional or not.
Its hard to imagine that normal men would go to the extreme of doing either one just to mock women, though the feminists, at least, deserve it.
It must be a sign of a deeper psychological problem induced by the grotesque, perverted indoctrination being inflicted on society by the left.


It also shows women just how ridiculous they have been willing to make themselves look to be fashionable in different eras. Men did that to women and then women adopted what men wanted them to look like and act like. And then feminists did another thing to women and tossed us adrift from natural inclinations because feminists decided that we should become as men.

If trans-women are mocking women, then they are stupid. If women don’t think and feel for themselves, then they are stupid. If society cannot indulge a multitude of womanly inclinations, then it is stupid.

The drag queens that are obscenely parading for children are not normal. I would suspect that most trans-people choose to not live their lives abnormally, but to live as most semi-civilized people do…you know, like us and like most homosexual people live…relatively normal.

That small percentage of radical trans and radical gays catch all the attention. Radicals always catch all the attention, because that is what they want. The DEMAND change from all of us who want to live normal lives and their demands are backed by radicals in power, who currently want to finish destroying the nation.

Doesn’t that seem more like reality?


Yes, the “radicals” are the useful idiots who do the dirty work of those wanting to destroy - and then control - society.
I don’t know if the majority of trans people want to be normal - the whole reason they’re trans to begin with is that they’ve been brainwashed and confused into thinking that being trans will make them “special”. Its a total psy-op perpetrated on our youth, by of course, those who want to destroy us.