Lewd Adults Force Small Children to Watch Obscene Drag Shows

If some guy in a dress had gyrated in front of me when I was a kid my dad would’ve knocked him into next week. Now, that same guy is celebrated by politicians, the media, librarians, etc. I don’t care if you want to wear a dress or pretend to be a woman, it’s the need a small percentage of these people have to rub the faces of kids in it, that is sick. There is no circumstance under which the sexualizing of children is OK. Parents who bring their kids to these “shows” are just as sick as the men getting off on it. If you took a kid to a strip club you’d be arrested, what the hell is wrong with the people who cheer it?
I know, they say it’s all about “acceptance” and not making trans people feel bad. When it comes to kids, I simply don’t give a damn. I’m not going to celebrate anyone’s sexuality or fetish, I simply don’t care but no one’s self-esteem or anything else is worth damaging a child. If you want to have a drag club where adults who enjoy that toss cash and adulation your way, knock yourself out. If you want your elementary school’s public library filled with students to be that venue, hell no.
That an entire wing of society defends and cheers this is not only a sign of the decline of American greatness, it’ll be the end of it, and deservedly so.
It’s shocking enough how pandering Democrats collectively forgot what a woman was in 2022, especially the “feminist” wing, but that they’re now forgetting what a child brings to a new level. Body mutilation, chemically altering children on whims and delusions, permanently butchering…
Yes, 2022 brought about a new level of evil most people wouldn’t have thought possible just a couple of years ago. If it isn’t destroyed, it will destroy us all. And honestly, we’d deserve it. Let’s hope 2023 is much, much better.

I see no signs that 2023 will be better. Do you?

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No, I don’t see any signs of anything getting better.
At this point, civil war would be better than just continuing to let them abuse us and our children.
Maybe that’s what they’re trying to provoke, so they can declare another emergency and finish off the coup.

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“Lewdies and Genitalmen…”