Let's Go, Brandon!

Bitter laughter we’ve had aplenty, every time Joe “President” Biden forgets his lines, or where he is, or with whom he is talking. Then we cackle with a deep, vindictive glee. You wanted the toughest job on earth, now gag on it, Grandpa Simpson, we say to ourselves, no ice cream for you today.
Now, that vents some resentment about this imposter squatting in the White House—this hollowed-out shell of a once mediocre hireling, washed up there by a tsunami of illegal, unchecked ballots, at our oligarchy’s behest. Now they’re stuck with him, and all the crazy promises they made, and the virus panic they unleashed.
“Let’s Go, Brandon!” makes us joyful.
For those of you who missed it, this happy phrase originates with a race at NASCAR. The winning driver, Brandon Brown, gets interviewed by some interchangeable MSM reporter. They both hear the roaring crowd chanting “F— Joe Biden!” over and over again. The journalista responds by saying, chipperly, “Oh look, the crowd supports you. It’s chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’” The driver looks at her funny, and nods non-committedly. That’s it.
It has touched America’s heart. And you can write it on your children’s masks in bright pastel marker, when you send them off to school. Or wear it on a t-shirt the next time you engage in “domestic terrorism” by speaking up at a PTA meeting. When you do, make sure to call critical race theory what it is: Marxism in blackface. Then close with “Let’s go, Brandon!”


Yes!!! That mediocre, illegitimate, corrupt, senile imposter squatting in the White House.

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