Leaving Oregon

They said it was an absurd waste of time, but now, the progressive coastal regions of Oregon and Democrats in Idaho are getting a little worried about the “Greater Idaho Movement,” with at least 11 eastern Oregon counties officially voting to leave the state and join their more conservative neighbors in Idaho. Democrats were saying that the move was impossible, but with momentum growing they are now suggesting that the break-up is “bad for the country.”

This is what a Divorce looks like in that neck of the woods. It works easier, I would think, in those rather blockish states. There wouldn’t be much left in Maryland, if the conservative counties left… and we would have the Bay, excepting the city part of it (Annapolis and Baltimore Harbor, Dundalk area, and the Ocean. They would have to leave, I guess, and head over to Alexandria to try to get into Virginia…or that part of it next to DC.

I haven’t thought this plan out, yet. We might have to kick the city of Salisbury into Delmar, Delaware, if they would take it, which is highly unlikely, so it would just have to make do with the conservative rest of us.


What are the chances of success for the would-be seceding counties, do you think?

I agree with the article’s conclusion. As I have often said myself since the Great Usurpation of 2020, there are two completely separate cultures in America today and they cannot coexist.


In Greater Idaho and moving away from Oregon? I would say the chances are good. Here in Maryland…poor.