Larry Elder: "black white supremacist"

The possibility that Larry Elder may win California’s recall election against Governor Gavin Newsom is generating acute anxiety in the mainstream media and among the activist Left. Elder’s foes are responding with their favored means of destruction: by playing the race card. Never mind that the nationally syndicated talk show host is black. A series of opinion columns and editorials have accused him of being a white supremacist. Elect Elder and California will reinstate Jim Crow, state senator Sydney Kamlager, a Democrat from Los Angeles, has warned. …

Elder rejects the charge that white civilians are gunning down blacks, as LeBron James maintained in a tweet during the George Floyd riots: “We are literally hunted everyday, every time we step outside the comfort of our homes.” Elder has a different take. If a “young black man is eight times more likely to be killed by another young black man than [by] a young white man,” Elder told the Orange County Republicans, “systemic racism is not the problem.”

Such statements are anathema to the establishment Left, deeply invested as it is in the idea that blacks have little agency in the face of ubiquitous white racism. Few subjects are more taboo in elite discourse than the elevated rate of crime among blacks, as it suggests cultural pathologies that—at the very least—complicate the victim narrative. …

Elder is breaking the taboos about black crime in an effort to save black lives.


Larry Elder is awesome. It would be great if he became governor of California. But first there’s the problem of getting past the rampant voter fraud, and even if he somehow miraculously wins in spite of that, he’ll undoubtedly spend his entire time in office like Trump - on the defense, battling a non-stop barrage of lies, smear campaigns, and political attacks against him rather than actually going on the offense. But I do hope he wins.

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