It Doesn't Want You To Know

Big Tech companies seek out young men, thoroughly exploit them, taking over their waking lives, and then drop them when they get too old. During this heady period, Googlers are immersed in cult-like attitudes, frantic shows of cultural virtue signaling, and outbursts of hate against outsiders, especially Republicans and conservatives.
At the Fellowship of Friends, cult members were banned from saying, “I”, instead being forced to say, “It wants a cup of coffee.”
This dehumanization is what Big Tech companies are inflicting on America and on the world.
In its letter denouncing Texas for protecting children from abuse by men who believe that there is a “goddess” in their bodies, Google claimed that Texas violated its “values”.
These are Google’s values.


Okay, then…

Very disturbing, if accurate. And, considering it is Google, there is little reason to doubt the claims. It is time I abandoned everything Google. At least we have stuck with the ancient America Online. Hope they aren’t evil.


Yes, no surprise, really, that Google, like Disney, would be leading the way in the complete annihilation of actual moral values, and replacing them with complete depravity.