Islam Rules Britain

Britain, the country of Magna Carta, the country with the Mother of Parliaments, the country that taught us how to think about freedom. And the country, alas, where politicians, police, judiciary, and prison officials worked together in the most unscrupulous fashion to try to destroy Tommy Robinson, a man who did more than anyone else to publicize the evil of Muslim rape gangs. The country that banned from its shores serious authors like Robert Spencer for writing candidly about Islam even as it gave safe haven to imams who called for the murder of infidels. The country that has harassed, arrested, and even imprisoned ordinary citizens – hundreds or even thousands of them, reportedly – for stating plain and simple facts about Islam on social media. The country whose MPs, after the jihadist murder of one of their own, David Amess, in 2021, were quick to pretend that the problem wasn’t Islam but social media. From Britain’s chronic coddling of Islam, you’d think that it hadn’t had its share of terrorist atrocities, from the London bombings of July 7, 2005, which claimed 56 lives, to the Manchester Arena bombing of May 22, 2017, in which 22 people died. You’d think, moreover, that Britain hadn’t also been the site of all those Muslim gang rapes of young infidel women, whose number has been in the thousands – probably tens of thousands.

And yet, poking around online since October 7, one fears increasingly that Britain will be the first to go. It’s not just that the pro-Hamas demonstrations in London on the last couple of weekends were so large – so, after all, were those in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, and elsewhere. No, what’s really been dismaying is the behavior of the British police. Yes, we already knew that they’ve been brainwashed for years, turned from noble servants of the law and public order – protecting innocent citizens and capturing criminals – into Orwellian enforcers of the twisted postmodern ideology that divides human beings into members of victim groups and oppressors. They’ll give a pass to Muslim rapists, but this month they arrested actor Laurence Fox for complaining about surveillance cameras and in August seven cops dragged a 16-year-old autistic girl out of her home in Leeds for saying that one of them looked like her lesbian grandmother. (She was guilty, you see, of a “homophobic public order offense”.)

It’s all been pretty disturbing. But it’s gotten worse since October 7. …

I suggest that the first step toward wisdom about the events of October 7 – and toward an action plan to prevent similar disasters in Europe, if, indeed, that ship hasn’t already sailed – is recognizing that it’s all about the religion of peace.

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He asks how long will all this be tolerated.
Well it didn’t just happen organically.
It was deliberately orchestrated by the Powers that Be, as one of many ways they are destroying and conquering what’s left of democracy and freedom in the West, to be replaced with their tyranny.
They started it without anyone’s permission, and they intend to continue it until it destroys us - that’s been the goal all along. So of course they aren’t going to “come to their senses” and decide it was a stupid idea that’s gone too far.
Our demise is the whole point of it!

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