Is the Great Reset Conspiracy Really Happening?

How much of this is true, do you think?

Anyone who is familiar with the James Bond franchise knows that Spectre is an international crime organization. Like Spectre, the World Economic Forum (WEF) operates in the shadows, but working under the pretense that they are an organization devoted to preserving peace and saving the planet. They are, in reality, a criminal cartel whose only interest is world conquest by enslavement and mass murder.
Their scheme has many names: The New World Order (NWO), Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, The Great Reset …
The world population will be kept below 500 million or ‘in balance’ as the globalists say. Genetics will be controlled and regulated. The current population is around 7.9 billion
Their goal is simple, the billionaires get to keep what they own, everyone else, the commoners/peasants/serfs, surrender their property, and privacy (everyone will be tagged) for the good of the planet, of course. They insist you will own nothing and be happy. All [to be] accomplished by 2030.

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Well, I guess I’m far gone, but as far as I can tell, the whole article is an accurate assessment of the facts. They’ve connected all the same dots that I have, which are there for anyone to see.
I guess people refuse to believe it because it’s just hard to believe that people in power could really be as nefarious and evil as the Bond villains.
And unfortunately, although such villains exist in real life, James Bond doesn’t.
So its up to We the People to fight them, and at least we do have some heros to lead us in battle.


I’m not sure that reducing the world population to 500 million is really an objective of the powers that be, I think that is an exaggeration and wilful misunderstanding of some of the things Bill Gates in particular has said. I don’t doubt that they want some population reduction however.

I think they will push people just as far as they think they can get away with, short of causing a violent revolution in the West. We are nudged, policies are introduced that test the water, and then withdrawn when resistance starts to gather momentum, as we have seen with the COVID-19 plandemic.

Although the COVID-19 measures have been relaxed almost everywhere now, it is noticeable that there is a co-ordinated push going on globally to introduce new laws that will make it easier to introduce controls the next time around - the moves at the WHO being a big example, and of course the laws against disinformation being another.

The public are largely unaware of these moves as unfortunately most people nowadays have no awareness of the danger of rising authoritarianism, don’t understand the importance of freedom of speech and equality before the law, and are pre-occupied with trivia in their personal lives. Meanwhile the media are keeping up the smokescreen of relentless coverage of the Ukraine conflict as well to distract us from these authoritarian power moves at the same time.

I think generally that their grip on power will also grow stronger as their means of control increase through surveillance (with improving AI), the introduction of digital IDs, and probably digital currencies, which is why I think we must resist as much, and awaken as many, as we can now. Time is not on the side of those who care about liberty.


I think you underestimate Bill Gates(!) But you’re exactly right about the coordinated effort to “introduce laws that will make it easier to introduce controls the next time around”.
A gradual creep towards control, which has been ratcheted up into high gear as they near their goal.