Is Resistance Futile?

The Centers for Disease Control are fighting for the power to make you do almost anything under the guise of “public health". They must not succeed.

Indeed they must not!
Read about yet another ruse, this one by the CDC, to impose tyranny on the American people:


Yes, they’re going to do everything in their power to get that total control back in place over us.
If they don’t get it on this, they’ll get it through the WHO “treaty”. If they don’t get that, they’ll come up with something else.
Considering all the bioweapon research labs that we seem to have in countries all over the world, it won’t be surprising if another deadly virus leaks out and creates an opportunity to declare another “emergency”.


Currently working on Avian Influenza to make it easily transmitted to humans, and from human to human, hoping to get a mortality rate of between 5 to 50 percent.

Why? Because They want to. Oh, no, of course they want to be able to make a vaccine, so the Bird Flu can be prevented or cured or something. So, first they have to create a Bird Flu that will infect humans and spread among them.

This all makes sense. It’s Science. Don’t worry.