Impassioned Plea From Suspended NI Doctor

Dr. Anne McCloskey: The Shots are Killing People! We need to Stop This!

She too has been suspended for making these comments:

Dr Anne McCloskey: GP suspended over Covid-19 vaccine comments

Is she a quack doctor? If so why was she allowed to practice in the first place, she says she has worked since 1981 as a doctor within the NHS? Here she is in an interview if you want to know more about her views:

A Conversation with Doctor Anne McCloskey


Thanks for the links. There have been several doctors saying this! The whole thing is a disgrace.
The establishment just censors anyone who disagrees with them, and people just go along with it, believing what they’re told to believe.


Isnt it remarkable how they just flatly state as an indisputable fact that “there is no evidence to support Dr McClosky’s claims” in the BBC News.
And the main concern of the medical board is that they “inspire confidence” in the vaccine program, not necessarily that they do the right thing!
Reminds me of how Biden demanded that Ghani lie about the safety situation in Afghanistan so as to “inspire confidence” that he had everything under control. No concern at all about people’s actual safety.


Which doctors are saying these things in the US, have you got any links? I’ve heard of Dr Peter McCullough and others who are more high profile but I haven’t come across ordinary GPs (assuming you have those) from the US yet. Wikipedia dismisses McCullough as a misinformation agent:

he made claims about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines which were “inaccurate, misleading and/or unsupported by evidence,” including that survivors cannot be re-infected and so do not require vaccination and that the vaccine is dangerous.

I fear we’re all going to have to end up with as much medical knowledge as some of these people just to try and figure out who is right (joke :slightly_smiling_face: )!


Exactly, and the result of the “investigation” isn’t even known yet. Whatever the truth of what she is saying, maybe it’s not all completely true I dont know, but I have more trust in her than I do in the BBC.