How Mass Delusion About COVID-19 Was Induced By The Media


A couple of weeks ago I was travelling by train in the UK and I was appalled to notice that although the trains have now returned to normal capacity with no requirement to reserve seats, still in the middle of summer a large majority of those on the trains were wearing face masks. Announcements over the loudspeakers both on the trains and in the stations repeatedly urged people to “wear face masks in crowded spaces out of respect for others”, the words please or thank you were omitted, these announcements were spoken as an order. Nobody had any respect for my opinion - I encountered indignation towards myself because I was not wearing a mask.

However since the mask mandates are no longer obligatory, and no longer backed by fines of many thousands of pounds (sterling) as they were, the majority of travellers were voluntarily obeying these orders. This is all in spite of the fact that the only studies I am aware of that have been done on these masks have shown they are not effective in any case in stopping airborne respiratory infections (tiny droplets called aerosols just go straight through the masks).

Clearly the people around me were suffering from mass delusion, and the question is why is this still the case, since we already also have abundant data that clearly shows that nothing very significant happened in 2020/21 as far as illness is concerned? I have tried in two recent posts to make it as easily understandable as possible to someone of ordinary intelligence who is still suffering under this delusion that they have been deluded. I have deliberately kept both of these posts short.

The first expands on a comment I made here and looks at an opinion poll that shows how extreme the delusion has been:

The second looks specifically at the ways the media exaggerated the scale of excess mortality in 2020:


Yes, this is what you get when the government, doctors, scientists, and media all conspire to push a LIE - irrational, self destructive mass hysteria.


from a blog post by Iain Davis called PseudoPandemic. (He also wrote an entire book by that title, which I have no read.)

Pseudopandemic - Iain Davis - 23 June 2021

Covid 19 was and is a pseudopandemic. It was the gross exaggeration of the threat posed by a low mortality respiratory illness, comparable to influenza. The pseudopandemic was a psychological operation (psy-op) designed to terrorise the public. The objective was to accustom the people to draconian system of government oppression by familiarising them with the mechanisms of a biosecurity state.

The pseudopandemic was based upon an influenza like illness which, regardless of its origin, was not and is not a disease which can legitimately be considered the cause of a “pandemic.” The only way it could ever be described as such was by the removal of any reference to mortality from the World Health Organisation’s definition.

COVID 19 is a disease which has a mortality age distribution profile indistinguishable from standard mortality. Unlike influenza, which disproportionately impacts the young, in terms of threat to life, COVID 19 was and is a wholly unremarkable illness. Were it not for political theatrics and mainstream media propaganda, which began in China, no one, outside of the medical profession and COVID 19 sufferers, would have remarked on this disease.

The illusion of overwhelmed health services was created by massively reducing their capacity and staffing levels while simultaneously reorienting healthcare to treat everyone who presented with a respiratory illness as viral plague carriers. In reality the pseudopandemic saw unusually low levels of hospital bed occupancy. However, due to the additional policies and procedures heaped upon them, healthcare services were thrown into disarray.

This was combined with the use of tests, incapable of diagnosing anything, as proof of a COVID 19 “case.” This enabled governments around the world to make absurd claims about the threat level. They relied upon fake science and junk data throughout. As symptomatic illness and resultant disease mortality was relatively low, they asserted that people without any signs of illness (the asymptomatic) were spreading the contagion.

This was abject nonsense. There was no evidence that the asymptomatic infected anyone. Those at risk of severe illness were the small minority of people who already had serious comorbidities, often due to their age.

The mass house arrests (lockdowns) and other measures, such as wearing face masks, were then used to increase the infection risk, to reduce broad levels of population immunity and give the false impression of an extraordinary public health threat. The removal of health care for every other disease, including cancer and ischemic heart disease, coupled with the health costs of increasing deprivation and immunosuppressant policies, were then exploited to bolster the illusion of a pandemic.

This does not mean that COVID 19 didn’t kill people but those who died of the disease were a small percentage of the total numbers claimed. COVID 19 had no discernible impact upon all cause mortality. The increase above one of the lowest ever 5 year mortality averages was mainly caused by the withdrawal of health services, as increasing numbers of people died in their own homes or in overburdened care settings, without receiving normal medical attention. Despite these efforts, mortality in 2020 was still only the 9th highest in the first two decades of the 21st century and one of the lowest age standardised mortality rates in the last 50 years.

COVID 19 presented virtually no risk to those of working age and none at all to the young. There was no evidence that children were either at or presented any risk. The school closures were part of the pseudopandemic psy-op. They gave the misleading impression of an emergency and provided fraudulent justification for vaccinating children.
(That’s the first third of the essay. The rest is here…)


Here’s the transcript of a podcast by Doctor Roger Hodkinson of Alberta and North Carolina. The video is linked under the transcript.

I’m doctor Roger Hodkinson, a freedom-loving pathologist from Canada. I’m a fellow of the American College of Pathologists, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. My medical degrees are from Cambridge University in the UK, and I’ve held a number of significant positions, including being an assistant professor at the University of Alberta, President of the Association of Laboratory Physicians of Alberta, Chairman of the Canadian Examination Board in Pathology, CEO of a large community laboratory [Stirrat Laboratory, Edmonton Alberta], and currently, I’m the chairman of an American biotechnology company involving DNA sequencing [MutantDx, “The Liquid Biopsy Company”]. /-/ I have a number of important messages for you, resulting from this unprecedented horror show, the worst in medical history. I am viscerally outraged at this totally unnecessary grotesque human tragedy. So my first message is this – Believe nothing you are being told. It’s all been a pack of lies from start to finish. Pure propaganda. This is nothing more than a bad seasonal flu with slightly increased risk for older people with comorbidities. My second message is that more than anything, this is a pandemic of fear – fear that was intentionally driven by two major factors: the notorious PCR test, and the viciously effective silencing of any counter-narrative. The PCR test creates over ninety-five percent false positives in perfectly well people, and drives the graphs in the morning paper, where these false positives are called “cases”. They’re no such thing. You are being lied to. The second driver of fear is the brutal silencing of the truth from the three sources you would normally rely upon to form your own independent judgments: politicians, the media, and physicians. Particularly MDs, who by their cowardly silence have decided to put income ahead of ethics - the ethics we physicians are supposed to hold dear: first, do no harm, and informed consent. Fear, in turn, became the excuse for politicians and unelected bureaucrats to enforce the ludicrous, totally arbitrary mandates that have no consensus for effectiveness in the medical literature. None. I’m talking here about masks, social distancing, travel bans and lockdowns. They couldn’t work, have not worked, and will not work. So my third message is simply this: read my lips - nothing works, except effective prophylaxis with vitamin D, and early treatment with doctor McCullough’s protocol [which uses ivermectin and/or hydroxychloroquine along with other medicines like doxycycline and supplements like zinc]. It’s just politics playing medicine. And that’s a very dangerous game. They dress themselves in the flag, demanding that only they can protect you from all of life’s risks. It can’t be done. I can tell you with categorical certainty, as a pathologist: death happens – life is risky. Get used to it. Just like you did with the past flu epidemics, and every day when you drive your car. Governments must get used to the fact that modern medicine is totally impotent at controlling the spread of respiratory viruses. We must simply accommodate to them in ways we have done most effectively in past flu epidemics, with liberal doses of the cheapest, most effective medicine there is – common sense. Flip-Flop Fauci created Covid-19 when his gain-of-function research escaped from the lab in Wuhan. You shouldn’t be forced to put your life and your child’s life on the line by getting vaxxed just to solve the problem he created. That is government tyranny, and indescribably offensive. So for God’s sake, don’t let them scare you into getting vaxxed. Tell them to stop the shots! Thank you.


It’s just unimaginable that our own government, even as corrupt as it is, is doing this to us.
But we’re seeing it unfold before our eyes - the insane schemes of the Soros’ and Schwabs of the world are taking over.


Yes, Fauci created the virus - he caused the problem - and is now demanding that we all get the vaccine (that he profits from) to solve the problem!
“Indescribably offensive” is exactly right!

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That all seems entirely plausible to me, although I hesitate to go as far as saying most of the excess mortality that occurred in 2020 can be attributed to the policies including the lockdown. That’s not to say I don’t beleve this is possible, I just haven’t had time to study that in enough depth to make my mind up about it.

Off topic, but importantly, it seems that Iain Davis is a contributor to, a site that I am wary of, and also a little concerned about as it gains a growing amount of attention. My concern arises because I think quite often claims they make are either erroneous or contain causal fallacies.

For example, Mr Davis has written a book called

" False Flag Attack – Anatomy of Deception"


While Germany were undoubtedly responsible, every effort was made by Britain and powerful financiers in the U.S. to allow it to happen (LIHOP.) The Lusitania was owned by J.P.Morgan.

I don’t think that last statement is correct, I think the Lusitania was owned by Cunard. He backs the claim with a link to a website called Three World Wars which doesn’t even state that J.P. Morgan owned the Lusitania, but rather seems to be claiming that J.P. Morgan owned the munitions that were loaded onto the Lusitania.

In the book he goes on to make claims about 9/11 and the London bombings, which I have not had time to look into, though I feel increasingly compelled to do so because these claims are gaining traction more widely as well:

In recent history, the false flag attack in New York on 11th eptember 2001 and the London bombings on July 7th 2005 were possibly the most significant events in the propagation of the Anglo-American, so called, ‘war on terror’ which has killed millions in the first two decades of the 21st century.

I am less certain about just about everything that is going on in the world today than I was, but so far every time I have looked (admittedly briefly) into such claims I have found causal fallacies.


Yes, like you, I never gave much credence to the 9/11 conspiracy theory, but in light of the clear government conspiracies being perpetrated against us today (“climate change”, the impeachment charges against Trump, the “insurrection” setup, the “pandemic”, and the vaccines and lockdowns) I’m more open to believing it.

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Which 9/11 conspiracy theory might have been true, do you think?


I will buy some of this pseudopandemic, but not all of it.

Our neighbors were impacted by Covid. The father, the adult daughter and mother were hospitalized for weeks. The father died, the adult daughter (asthma) who may be on oxygen for the rest of her life, has had to retire from teaching, the mother recovered well. Our friend’s brother died from Covid. His four co-workers all were hospitalized at the same time with Covid, but they did not die. My BIL’s neighbors (elderly mother, middle aged wife and husband-smoker) contracted Covid and the wife, who was the most healthy was hospitalized for weeks and then many weeks of slow recovery. Our cousin’s adult son contracted Covid was hospitalized for weeks and slowly recovered, yet not fully…chronic fatigue. Our niece contracted Covid in the UK very early on, was in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals for weeks without ever being diagnosed. She spent the lockdown trying to finish her degree, moved back home, and later a blood sample that a UK hospital had retested after Covid became a known entity to find that what she had was Covid.

Our daughter’s neurologist told her that she has two young women patients that contracted Covid and developed POTS and have had to quit their jobs and are applying for disability, because neither is able to have a life, let alone a job, as they are quite debilitated by their condition. Our daughter has POTS and Sjogren’s and has struggled with it for half her life.

I do know of some other local people that died or have been impaired by Covid, but only through the grapevine and not personally. Perhaps some have been taken due to other health problems when they had Covid, and I know that happens with influenza, too.

I do not think that Covid is like Influenza. I think it is much more a virus that was designed to find the host’s weak spot, yet not universally. Certainly, I believe that much has been made of fear and deliberate or mistaken information, and that it is being used to control citizens. The politics of pseudo-pandemic I do believe. We are communities that have not had to deal with a new and deadly virus before and we were ripe for panic induced living under control of the “experts” that stepped forward to do so.

I don’t feel it is necessary to downplay the real effects of this virus on individuals and on their lives in order to understand how it has been used around the world to remove freedom and control citizens. Thank gawd that America is not Europe, yet, and that we still have means of rectifying the state of the nation.


I don’t know much about it, as I never thought it sounded believable, but somehow the CIA, etc, either orchestrated the attack or allowed it to happen, in order to increase govt. control, for example with the Patriot Act.
I do think that their failure to prevent the attack was at the very least gross, criminal negligence.
But in light of what we now know of the corruption, ideological bias, and criminal actions of the CIA, FBI, and Democrats in relation to the “Russian Collusion” hoax, the rigged election, the “Insurrection”, etc, I really don’t trust them to have been merely negligent even then.


As bad as it is, the info I’ve seen shows the death rate for Covid to be no worse than for the flu.
I know I got a really bad virus in '18 that took a long time to recover from, but my guess is that if my doctor had been knowledgeable enough to prescribe ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine it would have helped speed up the recovery.


The program of unnecessary vaccinations of children has just started here and there does seem to be an increase in the number of deaths in the age range vaccinated according to this:


That is the same year that I had that flu. It was a bad year, with the flu going immediately to the chest. I went the next morning (day 2 of my illness) and it was Influenza A. Got two inhalers, a step down steroid and antibiotic for secondary infection (took 2 courses) plus the guaifenesin and two antihistamines I was taking and then my PCP added a codeine cough syrup, so I could sleep. Months to recover.

We have just had a local tragedy with Covid. A young family, adults unvaccinated, mother 8 months pregnant, 3 children under 10. Father contracted Covid at work, brings it home. Mother gets it and both are hospitalized. Mother dies, baby is saved. Father dies. Grandmother is now caring for the three children and will have the infant when it is released from the hospital. The area health system and others are rallying to help their former patient’s mother care for the children.

Remember too, that Covid 19 has taken out nearly all of some family members that had held gatherings. This is perhaps like the flu when it first hit the world, and whole families were lost to it.

I am very thankful that a vaccine was developed and disturbed that the whole thing including treatments became so darned political.

Still, I do not think that children should be given the vaccine. Our friend who delivers via C-section (at risk pregnancy, at risk mother) on Oct. 4, got the vaccination at 6 months. Her family is vaccinated and her close friends, but she is still being very careful.

For some of us, a little panic is very real.

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How were the mother and father who died treated? Were they put on a ventilator?

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It seems that no matter what the actual science says, they are going to steamroll over everyone with their Vax mandates anyway.
That in itself is enough reason to resist it.
I just read that some state representatives have introduced a bill here to declare Bidens mandate unconstitutional. I hope it succeeds.


I don’t know how they were treated, but I do know that they died quickly. I think the phrase our friend (CFO for the area health system) used was, “they did not last long” and “it was so shocking.”

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I don’t think the Vaccine Mandate is going well for them. I disagree with the mandate. I heard that there is no EO from Biden, just that he verbally requested the mandates.


There are quite a lot of articles about patients who were put on ventilators “dying quickly” and questions were asked early on about whether it was the right treatment:

Doctors think ventilators might harm some COVID-19 patients

We have to question everything because a false impression of a major pandemic has been created, and the numbers simply don’t add up to that. Every year before 2008 had a higher age adjusted death rate than 2020, that’s the reality.


Right. I remember hearing warnings about the danger of using ventilators very early on last year.
So why are they still using them?
And yes, you can’t trust the numbers on anything, they’ve doctored so much of it - the numbers of actual cases, deaths from actual cases, etc.
Then they’ve lied about treatments that could have saved people, and about their own vaccines being safe, approved by the FDA (not).
From which they are making huge profits, and destroying people’s livelihoods and freedoms at the same time. It’s criminal.