How American Tax-Payers Are Funding Islamic Terrorism

In December 2021, fifteen senators demanded that the Biden administration force an end to the Saudi campaign against the Houthis. The signatories included Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Pat Leahy, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Patty Murray, Sen. Richard Blumenthal. They insisted that the Houthis receive fuel, claimed that 230,000 Yemenis had died during the war and warned that Yemen was facing a famine.

The same lies that had been used to save the Houthis and enable them to blockade the Red Sea would be used by many of the same politicians to protect Hamas from Israel’s campaign.

The truth was that the Houthis, much like Hamas, had manufactured the famine by seizing food.

In one Yemeni province, 65% of residents faced food shortages even though the UN had sent enough food to feed a million people. The Houthis imposed “taxes” on aid workers and then used the food to feed their own terrorists or resell it to finance their operations.

The more food aid was sent, the richer the terrorists got and the worse the famine became.

The Houthis understood that the best way to profit and end the attacks against them was by causing a famine. And that, with the complicity of politicians like Sen. Warren, is what they did.

Hamas had been doing the same thing even longer, seizing food and medicines, and then blaming Israel for shortages of both. No amount of “humanitarian aid” sent into Gaza was ever enough because it was pilfered, resold or repurposed for its terrorist operations.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban and even Al Qaeda are continuing to benefit from our foreign aid.

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And they think that if they force Israel into a ceasefire, Hamas will stop doing what it’s always done - attack Israel? Of course it won’t - it will never stop. Palestinians are programmed from birth to hate Jews and destroy Israel.

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