Have the Demonic Legions of the Left Won Power Forever?

The Democrats can run a doddering and decrepit excuse for a functioning politician and a demonstrably nasty human being because they are convinced that they will win again. We recall that Katie Hobbs did not bother to debate her immensely popular gubernatorial opponent Kari Lake, no doubt because she knew beforehand that, as Secretary of State presiding over the official certification, and with a compliant judiciary, friendly media sumpters, and biddable tabulators, she had the election won.

Similarly, the federal Democrats are supremely confident that they have the election already in their pocket via a strategy of relentless lawfare and financial extortion against Trump, weaponized justice and policing agencies, a suborned media apparatus, digital collaborators, a degenerate university system, ballot harvesting tactics, a crew of vote counters, an army of mules to carry out their instructions, and the very real possibility of unleashing a COVID 2.0 pandemic if and when they believe it will be politically expedient, potentially even existential, for them.

The Democrats … could run a mummified cadaver and still win handily.

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He’s right - too many conservatives fall into the trap of wishful thinking and underestimate our enemy.
But even if we recognize the threat - can we do enough to stop them, now that they already have the advantage of being in control?
Everything they did to steal and interfere in the '20 and '22 elections, and continue doing now, such as the lawfare against Trump, has been so obviously and brazenly unlawful that everyone seems to have been stunned into a state of shock and denial of reality. Stockholm syndrome?

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Speaking of “weaponized justice and policing agencies” manipulating outcomes and making a sham of “democracy” in this country - I just saw a clip of Ron Paul in an interview with Tucker Carlson in which he stated, “It dawned on me that the Republic was gone when Allen Dulles was appointed to the Warren Commission.”
Obviously the investigation of JFK’s assassination was as bogus as the Mueller “investigation”, or anything else our “justice” system does these days.
And that was almost 60 years ago…

(The clip is in an article at Revolver)

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