Hamas Atrocities

One appalling image shows the small body of a baby, who couldn’t be more than 12 months old, lying on a now bloodied white body bag that is too large for it. The little child’s baby grow dotted with flowers is covered in blood after the rampaging terrorists unleashed horrors that defy belief.
Another two photographs released by Israel show the blackened and charred bodies of two babies who were murdered by the Hamas gunmen when they stormed their homes in southern Israel. Their bodies are so disfigured it’s impossible to make out where their arms and legs would have been.
The Kfar Aza kibbutz was one of the first Israeli settlements to be targeted on Saturday morning by Hamas.
A rescue team who visited the kibbutz, where the smell of rotting bodies still hangs in the air, told how they saw a pregnant woman lying on the floor of the first house they walked into. When they turned her over, they saw that her unborn baby had been sliced from her womb.
‘The unborn baby, still connected with umbilical cord, was stabbed with a knife. And the mother was shot in the head. And you use your imagination, trying to figure out what came first.’

Two parents were lying with their hands behind their back. By their side were two small children, with their hands also tied behind their back. They were all burned to death.

Children were tied and shot. 20 children, shot and burned, were piled together in two piles. Some of the children had been beheaded.

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And the question remains - what happened to Israel’s defense system? With the best intelligence and defense apparatuses in the world, how were they caught so off-guard?
Of course, now Gaza will pay the price, but it won’t bring back the dead.

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This is beyond sad. I believe the world has now changed and we shall all be affected by these monstrous terrorists.