Grapes of Wrath in Martha's Vineyard

“They are against building a wall but they live in gated communities. They are for gun control but they have armed security. They destroy public education but send their kids to elite private schools. They support mask mandates but only their servants wear them at their parties.”

Edited Quote:
All hell broke loose in liberal America last week after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shipped 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.
Despite thousands of illegal aliens streaming across the border into Texas, Florida, and other states on a daily basis, the residents of Martha’s Vineyard and their allies in Hollywood and the press lost their ever-loving minds.
To hear them tell it, DeSantis’s “political stunt” was “cruel” and “inhumane". Even President Joe Biden got in on the dishonest trash-talking.
Never mind that the Biden administration has done the exact same thing — fly/bus illegals to random parts of the country – but to working class communities. DeSantis sent them to the doorsteps of the liberal elites who champion open borders policies.

Listen to the song. It’s fun.


Great song! Just needed some teeny tiny violins to make the shaudenfroid complete!
This is nicely exploding in the left’s face.