Government Must Be Limited

We all detest government inefficiency, bureaucracy, and what has become a bloated and overly politicized, administrative state. We shouldn’t put up with it and don’t have to any longer.
The size and scope of government has gotten just too large, too complex, and too expensive.
Conservatives should step forward and say that the government ought to be out of the business of controlling the healthcare, education, finance, energy, and transportation sectors (plus other smaller, less vital sectors). They ought to be in the business of common defense, a justice system, and stable currency. Less would mean more and especially more freedom and choice by employing technology.
This is not a dream.
All this raises the question of how “government as a service” relates to outsourcing, privatizing, and “rightsizing.” Can we not abolish whole departments or agencies altogether?
Said another way, to improve service, government should be disentangled from many of these services rather than reforming their delivery through government. There will always be some (limited) government and we should get what we pay for. Government workers might resist such moves but does the country exist for them or for all its citizens?

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AMEN!!! The Administrative State is our worst enemy. It has metastasized into a Police State.
Which means they aren’t going to go quietly into the night. But they must go.