France has pretty much banned homeschool because of Islamic extremism

Homeschool is a human right, parents should not be forced to send their children to schools (especially state schools). I can understand monitoring homeschooling families to a degree, but parents should be able to choose homeschool simply if it is their decision. This is a wrong move by France, and countries that have banned homeschool altogether have made the wrong move.

In Sweden, a country where homeschool is banned, the right leaning party has opened discussion for making homeschool an option again.


I’m glad that so many in the U.S. are taking their kids out of our Leftist indoctrination centers, public schools. I’d like to see the entire system dismantled.
They don’t go into detail, but I assume that they are afraid that if they allow homeschooling, Muslims will indoctrinate their own children in jihad? So the French get the shaft from their “woke” government two ways - taking in too many Muslims to assimilate, and restrictions on freedom as a result of that.