For Those Who Still Have Hope There Is Only Trump

Only one person, of course, stands as an alternative to President Trump: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He is indeed a good man and is the governor of an important state. DeSantis wishes to lead his country to recover American liberty. And he has proven in Florida that he can advance policies for the betterment of the working men and women of his state. His defense of American families and his keen desire to check the corrosive effects of woke corporatism are to be applauded at every turn. What the governor lacks is an understanding of the moment we are in and the power and loyalty of the MAGA movement.
The American people know Trump. A substantial portion of the American electorate loves Donald Trump. They saw him as president of the United States. They saw their real wages increase. They saw peace and prosperity. They saw a president making good on his promise to stop illegal immigration. They saw a president unapologetically on their side against the mainstream media and Communist China.
The same cannot be said of DeSantis. He is not a household name and the American people do not have decades’ worth of experience knowing him or what he thinks about a variety of issues. Whatever the appeal of his résumé, none of it translates on television or even in speeches. And his campaign announcement on Twitter was misguided in a number of ways.
DeSantis believed by using Twitter he was speaking to the American people, which was his first huge mistake. In truth, he was speaking to and through the tech oligarchs who have done so much to corrupt American freedom and our ability to communicate honestly with one another. Witness Twitter and Facebook’s cooperation with the intelligence agencies of more than one country to manipulate Americans’ opinions.
DeSantis wanted to give the impression that Big Tech and social media were on his side and that they would help magnify his message as he seeks to win the Republican nomination. But Elon Musk’s fortune is dependent on the acquiescence of the Chinese Communist Party. His multi-billion dollar Tesla investments in China are held hostage by them. It is entirely unclear how far Musk and Twitter will go in allowing DeSantis, if he is indeed their preferred candidate, to present an America First agenda that is at odds with his Communist Chinese overlords.
After running against President Trump in the primary and especially after the federal indictment, why would DeSantis believe he could win over the millions of voters in the MAGA movement? Even if Trump dropped out today, how likely is it that the MAGA base will embrace DeSantis? Even with all the great things he has done in Florida, and even if he is the future leader of the Republican Party, who is Ron DeSantis to the MAGA movement if he will not stand with Donald Trump now?
But wouldn’t DeSantis be “Trump without the baggage?” This is a naïve way of looking at things. What baggage exactly are we talking about? If it is the lawfare being waged against Trump at an unprecedented level by the Department of Justice and New York state officials, that is a fair point. But what makes people so sure no lawfare will be waged against DeSantis? Is the governor somehow immune from this form of political warfare?
If by “baggage” the governor’s supporters mean Trump’s stance on a variety of issues, that is a different matter altogether. DeSantis and Trump share similar if not exact views on illegal immigration; that means they will both be called racist. They are both pro-life and pro-family which means they will both be “alienating” the ever elusive suburban white woman. There are differences between them, to be sure, but DeSantis is not so much “Trump without baggage” as “Trump without MAGA".


Yes, DeDantis hurt his standing with MAGA voters by not standing behind Trump, but competing against him instead. Not only was it disloyal to the one who endorsed him, it shows a lack of seriousness about what we are facing as a nation.
Being united behind our best hope - Trump - is our ONLY hope. We can’t afford to be divided in the face of enemies this dangerous.
And DeSantis’ backing by big donors who are anti-Trump is a red flag that they are just using him to push Trump out, and then if he wins he’ll be owned by Rinos.


“60 percent of the American electorate believes the 2020 election was stolen.” Sixty percent admit they believe it was stolen. I think we can assume there are more who won’t admit they believe it, for fear of being “corrected”. That’s one reason talk about “half of America” this or that is nonsense. I can not believe we are that evenly divided. The silent majority is simply browbeaten into their silence. Conservative and polite, they don’t like to cause any friction.


And the more the left attacks Trump with lawfare, the more obvious it will become to those who may have doubted it that they were also morally depraved enough to steal the election.

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