Fit scaffolder had a leg amputated after jab induced blood clots

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Alex Mitchell is a scaffolder from Glasgow who had to have his leg amputated because of massive multiple blood clots caused by the AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’

Here’s the moving interview on the Delingpod if you have time for it (an hour and 15 minutes long), he has become an outspoken campaigner:

Here is his twitter account with a picture of him on his prized scooter:


I hope he benefits from a massive lawsuit against Astra Zeneca (among others) which should be started, if it hasn’t already.


I must admit although it was a very distressing story I was left feeling strangely optimistic, because the powers that be have unleashed hell and roused a growing opposition that will become unstoppable. As he says himself in the interview:

I’ve got nothing to lose.


But through Dr. Fauci we are still funding China to make viruses.