Fighting Against the Forces of Stagnation and Oppression

We received some seemingly excellent news over the weekend. The appellate court of the 5th Circuit has reimposed the restrictions on the White House, the CDC, and the FBI to stop bullying social media companies to censor content. This has taken place ahead of the actual trial because two judges found that the practice was so egregious that it needed to be stopped right now before more damage is done to the First Amendment.

What [the censors] are really seeking is complete control of society itself; that is, human beings. And they don’t just work on a national basis but an international one, which is why most countries on the planet earth had exactly the same policies. The intelligence community that is ruling this machinery is truly global at this point.

In other words, this is not just a Censorship Industrial Complex. It is a totalitarian hegemon that wants total control of our bodies, lives, and communities. The purpose of the censorship is to keep this from being debated and protested by the public. The censorship is bad but its purpose points to something far worse than merely controlling the flow of information.

And there is another layer of control that was not even on the chart: the money-laundering machinery of, for example, FTX. There is little doubt that this crypto-exchange was set up to launder funding from venture capitalists to nonprofits and political candidates. That was the whole point. It was a ruling-class pump and dump. There is no political or legal process ongoing that will prevent something like this from happening again.

It is hard to think of a struggle more important than this one. We cannot have freedom and democracy with a deep state run by the intelligence community, in league with all the major universities and corporations, running our lives, elections, and communications. Something has to give. And without public understanding of the problem, there will never be a fix.

“There can be little doubt that man owes some of his greatest successes in the past to the fact that he has not been able to control social life,” economist F.A. Hayek wrote 60 years ago in The Constitution of Liberty. “His continued advance may well depend on his deliberately refraining from exercising controls which are now in his power.”

“In the past,” he continued, “the spontaneous forces of growth, however much restricted, could usually still assert themselves against the organized coercion of the state. With the technological means of control now at the disposal of government, it is not certain that such assertion is still possible; at any rate, it may soon become impossible. We are not far from the point where the deliberately organized forces of society may destroy those spontaneous forces which have made advance possible.”

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Yes, its obvious at this point that a global cabal is manipulating things from behind the scenes - through the control and weaponization of information by way of censorship and propaganda, which results in mind control.
They’ve been waging psychological warfare on us for decades, in addition to all the fraud, corruption, and weaponization of government.

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