"Evil Be Thou My Good"

… says Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

John Sexton writes at Hot Air:
Over the past 24 hours, thousands of TikToks (at least) have been posted where people share how they just read Bin Laden’s infamous “Letter to America,” in which he explained why he attacked the United States.
The TikToks are from people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Many of them say that reading the letter has opened their eyes, and they’ll never see geopolitical matters the same way again.
Many of them — and I have watched a lot — say it has made them reevaluate their perspective on how what is often labeled as terrorism can be a legitimate form of resistance to a hostile power.
How is it even possible there are suddenly lots of people who’ve decided Osama was right and, implicitly, that the Hamas attack on Israel and maybe even 9/11 were justified? I’m pretty certain most of these people are on the left but even for the left this is a new low.

For the Left there is no bottom.


The fact that suddenly hundreds of these messages are being posted indicates to me it’s a propaganda campaign.
Tik Tok is owned by the CCP and is notorious for spreading all kinds of destructive trash.The CCP, and the entire left, is supporting Hamas, so this is no surprise. Just like all the pro-Hamas demonstrations, it’s just more phony “agit-prop”.
It’s ironic that one of the posts claims that Bin Laden’s letter helped them see that “We’ve been lied to our entire lives”.
Well, we have been lied to, but not in the way they think. We’ve been lied to about every phony leftist “cause” for every phony “victim group” since Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, and the Palestinian “victims” are just the latest in that long line of phony causes used to attack the West.


Oh, yes! Thanks, Liz, for turning on the light. Of course it’s a campaign.

I’m slowing down mentally. Must be getting old.

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But you’re right - for the left there is no bottom.
They don’t care how extreme their lies are - they know they’ll find useful idiots to support them, and now they have them in the government - so they just get more extreme with every one.

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Three years ago, two months before the election, Osama’s half-niece, Noor Bin Ladin* published her own patriotic My Letter to America. She is a conservative populist nationalist, Swiss by nationality, but significant ties to America (“a freedom loving, Americanophile and patriot at heart”). She has covered the Davos meetings for conservative online MAGA media like War Room.

*Her father changed the spelling back to a previous form, “Bin Ladin” or “Binladin”, even before 9/11 it seems.

f5ff08_6efcc41287794e49ae155642495da5b4.pdf (filesusr.com)

Noor Bin Ladin ─ About


Thanks, Zerothruster. That is all very interesting.


Amazing that two people with such completely opposite world views could come from the same family. But many families are divided along political lines as a result of the brain- poisoning of the left.

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