Europe Under Islam

While Muslims are making life this frightening and dangerous for their European host nations, imagine what it will be like when, a few years from now, Islam has complete control of most of the continent:

In France, at least two teachers have been murdered by Muslim students, one of them beheaded. The French press reports that “death threats and threats of rape have become common among pupils". Those threats are directed toward both teachers and fellow students.

Students at dozens of French schools have been sent “threatening messages and beheading videos” by Islamic radicals.

At least 30 schools in the Paris region have this week received threatening messages accompanied by “shocking” footage of beheadings, the education ministry said.

The establishments – mainly secondary schools – have received “serious threats” containing “justification of and incitement to terrorism”.

They also have been making bomb threats.

All of this is due to France’s feckless immigration policies.


In Britain, a sick nine-year-old Jewish boy was mistreated at an NHS children’s hospital by nurses wearing pro-Palestine badges. They ordered him to get off his bed and lie on the floor.

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How could anyone, at this point, possibly imagine that this is a good idea? Only someone who thinks that destroying Western civilization is a good idea.
Obviously, then, our enemies are in control.

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