Et tu, John Durham?

It’s hard to understand why John Durham cannot produce evidence of who is guilty of the “Russian-conspiracy” hoax - the attempt by Hillary Clinton to frame Donald Trump for treason - when Investigative journalists have long since blown the whole disgraceful plot wide open. Unless he has no intention of ever finding the guilty parties.

After years of what we assumed to be deep digging, he got a man charged with falsifying a document - and though the accused was found guilty, he merely got “a slap on the wrist” for it. And the only other defendant that Durham got before a jury, though clearly guilty, was acquitted! Judicial Watch made this comment:

"The jury acquitted Washington attorney Michael Sussman, a D.C. insider with deep connections to the Democratic Party and the intelligence community, on the only charge Durham managed to bring: a single false-statement count that Sussman lied to the FBI when he brought it allegations of a link between Trump and Moscow’s Putin-connected Alfa Bank.

“Why did the jury acquit Sussman? … Obama FBI leadership knew full well the Clinton gang was behind the Alfa Bank-Russia smears of Trump. [But] Durham tried to pretend the Obama FBI was a victim. [When in fact ] it was a co-conspirator.” [Verdict, the news publication of Judicial Watch, Volume 28/Issue 9, September 2022]

Durham tried to pretend the FBI was a victim! What does that imply? It implies that Durham is deliberately shielding the FBI, without whose co-operation the “Clinton gang” could not have worked the dirty plot.

And that can only mean that Durham is on the side of the plotters. Far from being an objective investigator seeking the truth, he is a party in the conspiracy.

IF that is the case, it would explain his amazing slowness; why it took him years to come up with one minor charge and a scheme to use another to exculpate the hideously guilty FBI.


Yes, just like Bill Barr, who never lifted a finger to stop anything they were doing, and laughed at the idea that the election was rigged.


Further evidence that John Durham was NOT an honest investigator on a mission to find out the truth of the “Russian-collusion” hoax perpetrated against Donald Trump and to bring the guilty to justice, but a party to the cover-up:


We had such high hopes! What an embarrassing, insulting disappointment both he and Barr turned out to be.