Elon Musk - Savior on Earth and in the Heavens

Edited quote:
Elon Musk gave Ukraine 40 Starlink terminals which effectively prevented the Russians from cutting Ukraine off from the global telecommunications network, providing Ukraine with desperately needed strategic advantages over their Russian foes.
In recent weeks, according to the Pentagon’s director of electronic warfare, Dave Temper, Russia has initiated several cyberattacks directed against SpaceX’s Starlink properties in orbit. Every one of these cyberattacks, however, have been successfully thwarted by SpaceX. The cyber defenses on the Starlink satellites have worked so well that Temper described witnessing the defense in real-time as “eye-waterin". Temper would go on to tell Breaking Defense that the United States military needed to replicate these capabilities on its vital-yet-vulnerable satellite constellations.
If anything [bad] happens to Musk or his companies (notably SpaceX), the United States loses bigly. The United States will fall so far behind its enemies—both foreign and domestic—that it may never be able to pick itself up again.


So Musks technology is propping up our military.
At the same time, he’s battling our government’s propaganda and censorship arm, Twitter.
Truth is stranger than fiction…