Elon Musk, Genius

Elon Musk is not just a “remarkable person” as Jordan Peterson says he is.

Elon Musk is one of the greatest inventors of all time.

He is also a defender of free speech.

I am proud to claim him as a fellow African-American. (We were both born in South Africa.)

Here’s Jordan Peterson talking - and joking - admiringly about him:


Well, I’m sure Elon is very smart, and I like his ideas on free speech. I guess he saw his electric car as a way to profit off of an emerging market, but they’re still a bad idea - the production and use of the batteries causes more harm to the environment than gasoline, and is also less efficient and reliable.
But who knows what he’ll come up with in the future - time will tell.


I heard Musk say that if we filled up the safe-distance areas surrounding nuclear plants with solar panels, the panels could generate as much or more energy than the reactors themselves. I usually think “green” energy advocates really just want to cripple the economy and defeat the free world, but in Elon’s case, I trust his motives and possibly also his judgment.


Solar panels, like windmills and electric car batteries, create more environmental damage and waste than traditional methods. Seems to me he’s trying to straddle the fence and play both sides.
I say we need to throw every one of the environmentalist’s “solutions” into the dustbin of history, along with these idiots and their ideas.