Dr. Robert Malone: “I am shocked by the malfeasance."

Many countries around the world have already walked back their recommendations to give COVID-19 shots to kids, as it became apparent that they may cause deadly side effects and are far less effective than promised.

In January 2022, Sweden’s Health Agency recommended against COVID-19 jabs for kids aged 5 to 11, stating the benefits do not outweigh the risks.4 Denmark also no longer recommends COVID-19 shots for children under 18,5 and in September 2022, England announced it would no longer offer COVID-19 shots to children unless they’re high risk.6


There appears to be a positive plan by the evil people who govern us to maim, sterilize, and kill American children.

But the CDC is not a legislature. They can recommend but they cannot rule.


Deeply shocking! Outrageous!

Please, fellow members, follow the link. Everything there is worth hearing and reading.


Hmmm, many countries have walked it back, but not the U.S…
Couldn’t be because our own President is a stooge for all of our enemies, especially the CCP…


Follow the money… If they can’t market their vaccine…and they raised the price by 400%, I believe…they can’t make money. They were promised that they could make money after the emergency was over.