Did the Bidens Sell their Country's Secrets to China for a Few Tens of Millions?

The Bidens were paid millions by China. What did the Bidens give China in return?

Three Chinese businessmen funneled tens of millions of dollars to you [the Biden team]. Each one of those three – Chay Feng, Henry Zhao, Chairman Ye – all had direct abiding and deep ties to Chinese intelligence when they were arranging these ideals for the Bidens. And that is not me saying that. That’s according to Hong Kong corporate records. They were business partners with the vice minister of state security, who is responsible for foreign recruitment of spies. They were business partners with a former family of the director of the ministry for state security, which runs the entire spy apparatus. In the case of Chairman Ye, they actually worked as part of the spy apparatus.”


It’s like a really stupid spy movie that nobody would find believeable. Too far fetched - the CCP installed their own pre-corrupted, compromised stooge in the White House, even though his corruption was well known. How corrupt our government had to already be, at that point, for them to get away with it, is mind-boggling.
This increases the likelihood that the CCP will attack us while he’s still in office - it’s the perfect set-up - complete corruption, incompetence, and communist sympathizers groveling at their feet.

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