Deer Hunting

From Robert Malone’s Friday Funnies newsletter:

He also writes:

True story: When traveling through the EU, Canada and UK, I have had many people from these various countries explain to me that what allowed the extreme lockdowns and vaccine mandates to happen (more so than what happened in most states in the USA) was that their country did not have a second amendment.

Gun-owners, who I know, will tell you exactly why they own guns. Yes, guns kill people and they also kill deer, rabbit, geese, boar, etc.

Basically, guns are for killing. There are the very local level of any nation’s “peace through strength” policy.


I’m pro Second Amendment, of course, but nowadays, having guns to fight the government is basically not going to do much more than give you the option of “going down in a blaze of glory”.
As in Waco.

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You may think that way, but the nuances of standing against tyranny might produce something different.

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