Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide

Claims from Naomi Wolf:


This is so utterly damning, and it’s information from the Pharma companies own records.
Yet no “News” outlet will even report this.
Just like they ignore the genocide committed by China, they will ignore this genocide, too.
After all, Pfizer is paying them for propaganda, not news!


Reference to the report of these terrible hidden records was quite recently posted on this Forum.

The rest of the article is a religious moan. Yikes!

Naomi Wolf thinks prayer will - do what? Stop the “genocide” of babies? Stop the vaccinations? Save those already harmed by the vaccines?

The “Old Testament” is a great read in parts, but it has never saved anyone from a virus.


Yes, prayer is no solution. But she has been doing great work at exposing the crime by assembling a huge team of volunteers, including lawyers and doctors, to research all Pfizers records (that they wanted hidden for 75 years) and make the results public. They may already be suing Pfizer over it.


Yes, she certainly deserves credit for doing that.


I am so very glad that I retired before COVID. As a retiree, I had no employer to contend with over my refusal to be vaccinated.

I am far from being a Luddite. I strongly support vaccination in general; vaccines have saved countless lives and have all but eradicated many horrific diseases. I embrace technological advances in medicine, including novel approaches like mRNA. After all, all technology was new and untried at one point.


None of the COVID vaccines were subjected to well established testing protocol to determine potential long-term risks. Prior to COVID, the FDA website touted their mission of ensuring the safety of new drugs by requiring a stringent test regimen. For a drug like the COVID vaccines, long-term testing would require 5-8 years before being approved for non-trials use on human patients. After COVID, the FDA quietly removed this information from its website, and it is now accessible only by using the Wayback Machine website to view the archived versions of FDA’s site.

Medicine has, like too many other aspects of our lives, become politicized. Science is a methodology, a way of organizing and analyzing information. I trust the science. Scientists, on the other hand, are humans, subject to all of the typical human foibles of greed, pride, short-sightedness, wishful thinking, and prejudice. Scientists allow their desire for funding or their own personal ideology to dictate their “findings”. As an intelligence analyst, I saw first-hand how analytical conclusions could be driven by political pressure rather than by sound analytical techniques.

So, I will continue to say “no, thank you” to any vaccine that has not undergone proper testing.


No, but she and those who believe as she does, are noting warnings from their Bible, which foreshadow current events. “God warned us of the hubris of man and the dangers therein, and we must return to God if we want help with the current chaos and evil in the world.”

Doesn’t that make sense, if one is a believer? Prayer is the way that humans return to God, seeking understanding and guidance. Doesn’t that also make sense, if one is a believer?

To atheists all that seems nonsensical, because we do not have that need of supernatural guidance and help. Does that need take away the other facts about this woman’s life? If she writes of it in this distressing article, does it make the information less important? I am glad that she feels comfortable doing so, even knowing that some readers will question her rationality as a medical professional. I would rather have all hands on deck as we face what is coming our way, and not brush aside some for prejudice of any sort.


Billy, I will write here what others already know; my family is fully vaccinated and boosted, with the exception of the youngest. We have all had Covid, as well, some of us twice.

So, I am the official guinea pig here. So far, no bat wings. :wink:
But, I will keep you all posted.


My wife works in the medical field at the VA hospital and was required by her employer to be vaccinated. I have periodically inspected her, and I haven’t yet found that she’s growing a tail or anything.

I had COVID. I felt really awful for a couple of days, and I felt a bit under the weather for a few weeks, but that was it. I based my decision not to be vaccinated in part on the fact that, at 59, I’m still relatively young and healthy. I have no condition which would be exacerbated by COVID, so I am not at increased risk.

I believe strongly in individual rights and freedoms, and certainly anyone should be free to accept vaccination if they feel it makes sense for them, without being judged or second-guessed. I will even go so far as to say that, for some individuals (the very elderly, those with pre-existing conditions which could lead to serious complications from COVID, or those who have close contact with loved ones who fit these criteria), being vaccinated makes sense even with the risk from a vaccine that hasn’t been fully tested. Even if you don’t fit these criteria, if you feel more comfortable being vaccinated then by all means you should do what you think is best for you.


Thanks for the reply. We don’t know of anybody, who has had problems with the vaccine, but we do know people, who died from the original Covid or developed long Covid Syndrome prior to vaccine release.

We do have family members, who are at risk, and that was the driving factor, but fear of having a bad run of the virus was there, too. But, none of us worry about Covid anymore.

Odd…at 68 I, too, still feel “relatively young and healthy.” Maybe it’s psychological…


Naomi Wolf is not a medical professional. As a feminist she talked and wrote heaps of repulsive
rubbish. However, she gathers genuine medical expertise on the vaccinations of children, and on this subject (and some others, such as Julian Assange’s case) she talks and writes sense.

To answer your questions: What makes sense to a god-believer about gods and prayer is beyond my comprehension.


I guess I have always allowed myself to think as a believer would in order to understand them better as a fellow human being.

I suspect that she writes for all people. A feminist…I thought that name was familiar.


The moneypox pandemic is everywhere, Bill Gates has got his financial tentacles into academia, the media, the WHO, even the UK government as that article I posted recently revealed. Neil Ferguson (he’s called a professor but I don’t recognize him as any sort of genuine academic) predicted a huge wave of deaths and later we find that Bill Gates also funded his university Imperial College as well.

Corruption in the pharmaceutical industry is nothing new however. I recently read a disturbing book called “Mad in America” which described the various “treatments” that were inflicted on mentally ill patients, “treatments” that have since been shown to do more harm than good. Unfortunately the book came “decades too late” as one commentator pointed out:

There are people questioning whether vaccines really have eradicated diseases or whether improving water supplies and nutrition have been the really important factors. I don’t know who is right about that, but I do know that greed has always been a major driving force in the pharmaceutical industry, and the extent of this problem has been revealed since the start of 2020, and so personally I am now inclined to listen to the doubters on vaccine efficacy in general.


Here’s an article on “mental health” well worth reading, by Theodore Dalrymple:


Nice turn of phrase:

psychiatric nosology

I have a theory that psychiatrists suffer from a mental disorder caused in part by being constantly in contact with unbalanced people, but Theodore seems to be a rare exception.


I think you, and the book, are right.
The inmates are literally running the asylum, since the psychiatrists are more insane than their patients. And yes, the corruption has been rampant in that field, and others such as chemicals (ex. Monsanto) for decades.
Is it any wonder we are at the point where vaccines are killing people at a higher rate than the viruses?
I read recently that even the polio vaccine contained some kind of monkey virus that later caused cancer, but they never told people that.
Also, many of the mass shooters at schools share a common denominator - they were mentally ill, and on a psychotropic drug.


Of course, it is well known by the “inmates” that people with “mental issues” tend to go into the psychiatric fields. Therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral analysts…everybody is a little off or more and seeking answers for themselves. My family has never met one that wasn’t a little something-something. And, some are downright dangerous in their arrogance, and it is a good thing I don’t know what he looks like.


Of course, they were, Liz.

Don’t knock the psychotropic drugs too much. When one needs them, they are there. Problem is that it is not an easy task to find the right one for a patient, and many patients never find one, or a blend, that works or is tolerable. And…then they don’t take them as they should, going off and back on as they feel they need. That is chaos for families and friends.

It is often during the period that they are off them that something dreadful happens, and no matter what that is, it is a tragedy.

As for the polio vaccine, I suspect that the risk of cancer was weighed against the benefit of wiping out polio, and that people would have taken it even if they had known.

I am grateful for all the vaccines that are routinely given to young children…up to the Covid mRNA one. I don’t think there is a comparison to previous vaccines.


Maybe some drugs do benefit people with real disorders like schizophrenia, etc. But I’ve heard of so many people who took drugs to treat depression, and ended up committing suicide.
Did you ever see one of those commercials for such a drug, where at the end (in super speeded up talking) they admit that becoming suicidal is one of the possible side effects? Kind of funny.
And as for the mRNA vaccines, Wolf’s team’s research shows it has very high rates of injury and death, so the risk/benefit equation doesn’t warrant giving it to children, who aren’t at risk from Covid.


Yes, I have been reading about that, Liz. I mean all the other vaccines that have kept children from getting the terrible diseases that decimated towns of children and adults.

Yes, drugs do have side effects, and any must be taken carefully and well monitored by a PCP, and at least, semi-intelligent adults.