Cry On, Benighted Country!

“30 years on, South Africa still dismantling racism and apartheid’s legacy,” the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights claims.

After 30 years of ANC rule by Mandela and his increasingly more corrupt klepto-commie successors, what is there to dismantle?

Besides the ANC’s own racism.

Apartheid has long since gone. A generation grew up without it and soon so will another. All they will know is ANC rule. And ANC rule has meant racism, violent crime and a regime so corrupt that it can’t keep the lights on, but can ally with Russia, China and Hamas.

South Africa is a racist hellhole not because of apartheid but because of the ANC.

The end of apartheid didn’t usher in an end to democracy, but one-party rule. It didn’t end racism, just flipped it around. Most of the country grew poorer and less safe.

The responsibility lies with the same international community that insisted on the ANC, a Communist-backed terrorist movement, taking power. The hagiographies of Nelson Mandela can’t change the fact of what the ANC was. And Mandela’s successors had less self-control than he did. After him the thievery grew out of control. So did the abuses with one of Mandela’s successors facing a rape trial.

But the likeliest alternative to the ANC is a party whose leader, Julius Malema, talks openly about killing all the white people.

It didn’t have to end like this, but those who chose to champion the ANC while turning Mandela into a plaster saint refuse to acknowledge what has been going on or to take any responsibility for it.

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Amazing how invariably “klepto” and “commie” occur together, like a law of nature. I don’t think there’s been one instance in history where they didn’t come hand in hand, like twins.
Or the natural consequences of their occurrence, which is always the complete destruction of the host these hostile “twin” parasites devour.

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