Crime is Virtuous, Virtue is Criminal

Amira Hunter, a woman with a long criminal record, attacked a cellist while he was playing in the New York City subway, hitting him over the head with a metal bottle. She was arrested and brought to trial – and freed by Judge Marva Brown.
Edited Quote:
At her arraignment Thursday on second-degree assault charges, Manhattan prosecutors argued for $15,000 cash bail or $45,000 bond, noting that Amira Hunter has failed to appear at three of her five court dates in other criminal cases last year.
Prosecutor Alexandra Robertson explained to Judge Marva Brown that it was not likely the suspect would come back to court of her own volition.
The accused woman had a bench warrant out for her arrest in a pair of petit larceny cases.
Worse - her last arrest was in October on grand larceny charges for stealing two bathing suits worth $2,050 from Bergdorf Goodman.
Law enforcement had arrested her twice for assaulting her mother.
Yet Judge Marva Brown cut Hunter loose. The decision came even though Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s (D) office let it be known that they wanted the suspect jailed. [!]
One of the comments on social media: “You get what you vote for.”
Another comment: “NYC is practically lawless now. It is as if it were competing with SF or Chicago to see how bad things can get.”

Here’s a picture of Judge Marva Brown:

Relevant Note: “President” Biden has recently appointed another 22 black women judges.

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Of course, when criminals know they can get away with it, crime gets worse. The leftists like Soros and Biden pushing this crap - no bail, defunding police, corrupt leftist judges - know it.
That’s the whole point!
Lawlessness helps bring about the collapse of the system, and then they’ll be in total control of the hellhole they created. What an accomplishment…

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