Covid jab rollout for 12 to 15-year-olds to start in schools in England

Despite the efforts of lockdown sceptics, the unnecessary jabbing of children 12-15 years old in the UK is to proceed. From the BBC:

Children will be able to override their parents’ consent according to this as well. Vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi said:

clinicians would share information on the vaccine with parents and if there was a difference in opinion between a parent and child, a clinician would bring them together to try and reach a consensus.

However, in the rare cases agreement is not reached, the child could give consent themselves if the clinician considered them “competent”, he added.

This is in spite of the fact that a recent US study found more risk from the jabs for boys:

It is also in spite of the fact that the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation ruled that there was no medical reason for the program being extended to this age group:

Clearly this has nothing to do with “following the science”.


It must be the terrifying monsters who run the NHS who are responsible for all these wrong decisions. Am I right, Chauncey? Or does no one know for sure?


It’s utterly ridiculous. They lecture everyone else to “follow the science”, but they aren’t following it themselves. Liars, hypocrites, dictators.


No, no, no! No jabs for children! No jab mandates! No shaming of non-vaccinated! I know I have said before that I would prefer that those caring for nursing home clients and teachers should get the vaccine…and if they complain about kids getting the vaccine to protect the teachers, then force the teachers to get vaccinate.

But no mandatory vaccinations with this vaccine!


This particular decision was made by the Chief Medical Officers who are civil servants as I understand it, so it’s not technically an NHS decision, but they’re all working for the state though anyway.


The more so in light of emerging info. about the vaccine effectiveness. A high profile UK journalist called Robert Peston who has had 2 jabs said he became ill with COVID-19 after the second jab. He wrote this aritcle which caused a storm of protest on Twitter:

It’s supposed to be because the “Delta variant” is more resistant to the jabs, so here we have yet another reason to oppose the jabbing of the children. There used to be a saying “there’s no cure for the common cold”, and part of the reason for that is because these types of respiratory illnesses are constantly mutating. The flu jabs have the same problem, and the flu jabs are sensibly only given to old and vulnerable people.


But I am surprised these statistics have received so little attention and have occasioned so little debate.

That’s a big statement coming from such a high-profile mainstream journalist.

He repeats in the article though the official claim that:

Now it is important to remember that severe disease is considerably less common among the vaccinated infected than among the unvaxxed.

I remain sceptical about that claim because there has been so much manipulation of the statistics.


PS. More reason to remain sceptical about the vaccine effectiveness, particularly it is being claimed they are not very effective with the Delta variant:

“BREAKING – Three studies published by the CDC, UK Government & Oxford University find the Covid-19 Vaccines do not work”


The sensational results of this study need to be widely known.


Yes, so why are they ignoring their own studies?? Obviously they really don’t care about facts, except the ones they manufacture themselves.


As a vaccinated family, except for children, all I can tell you is that so far, so good. I will let you know of problems in the future should we contract Covid or “grow bat wings.”

I am your own personal guinea pig.

p.s. Our men’s testicles (Nicki Manaj) were fine after the vaccines. And, can you believe that I did not know that Joy Reid was black?


Thanks for posting this. It is yet another sad example of the ineffectiveness of these vaccines. Not only ineffective, but in too many cases, very harmful.
These studies are consistent with the data from highly vaccinated countries such as Israel, Gibraltar, Malta, and Seychelles. which have rising infections, hospitalizations and deaths. Indeed, Israel is called one of the most diseased countries in the world.
So, after almost two years of lockdowns, quarantines, masks, social distancing, school closures, economic disruption, massive vaccine roll-outs, and trampling of our civil liberties, we are no farther ahead than we were last summer. Rather than admitting that perhaps they had it wrong, the medical elite et al. doubles down. We need more boosters. We need to demonize and scapegoat the unvaccinated. I have heard the US is even considering vaccination of 6 month old children. “Did Heaven look on, And would not take their part?”


The magnitude of their ability to lie is staggering.
They have no conscience. They have no problem ginning up fear about “climate change” and “pandemics”, and “insurrections” just to get what they want - power and money.


Just saw an article on that, shocking:

“Pfizer Set to Seek Approval for Its Covid Vaccine in U.S. Babies This Winter”


Yes, I mentioned this in my previous post. I hope some day there will be a reckoning. The medical profession is monstrously wrong here. There is no medical reason whatever for vaccinating anyone under twenty. The death rate is vanishingly low.

On a related topic - forced vaccinations, see this:


This is extreme child abuse.


And Socrates was forced to drink the hemlock.