Covid-19 was man-made

More than 900 pages of new information were released late Monday regarding U.S.-funded research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology that has raised further questions about the origins of COVID-19.
The documents raise additional questions about the theory that the pandemic may have begun in a lab accident [or design?].
There was also a tweet from Rutgers molecular biologist Richard H. Ebright regarding revelations in the newly released documents. “The materials show that the 2014 and 2019 NIH grants to EcoHealth with subcontracts to WIV funded gain-of-function research as defined in federal policies in effect in 2014-2017 and potential pandemic pathogen enhancement as defined in federal policies in effect in 2017-present,” Ebright said.
Gain-of-function research takes place when researchers studying a pathogen, such as a virus, work to make it more lethal.


Whether it was deliberate or not, sounds like a grand fubar!


Never doubted it. Later, we the vaccinated will probably grow unusual body parts. :slight_smile:


Such as bat wings?



Hey did you know there is a masked smilie? :mask:

And, actually, I would rather have gills.


No, I didn’t know. But I’m glad you told us. I think it could be useful.


Fauci lied, people died. But I doubt the criminal referral will get anywhere with the DOJ.


Well, that should be interesting when we find out it usefulness.

And, no Liz, I don’t expect anything to come to any conviction of Fauci, et al. or of making China pay. Maybe a different president could change that, but that is years to come. Or Congress…hunh, they might be able to do something. Hahaha!


The pharmaceutical industry created a problem and now the pharmaceutical industry will save us from the problem? I certainly think it might be time for people to become a bit suspicious about the activities of the pharmaceutical industry, especially considering the amount of money they are making from all of this. Quote from the Wall Street Journal:

Anthony S. Fauci has hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal to bet on drug companies, hoping they will come up with the next hit vaccine or medicine.

Agency Chief Spurs Bioterror Research – And Controversy


Yes, “money” is the key word in all of this.
Just one big money making racket.


I have no doubt such experiments are going on, but it still remains the case that statistically the so-called pandemic was nothing of the sort. A pandemic is supposed to affect large numbers of people, but if we look at the overall death rates the blip in 2020 was just that, a very small blip. I was just looking at the weekly death rates for 2021 in the UK and the blip is clearly well and truly over as well, it was over half way through 2020 in fact (well before the unnecessary vaccination program began). In terms of death rates at least, the second and third waves were mere propaganda myths.

If it is some sort of bio-weapon then based on what we know so far, it is a remarkably ineffective one. Of course there may be longer term effects of the virus that are not completely known yet, and there is a lot of speculation about that but so far it’s only speculation. It’s the govt. policies (reactions to the manufactured crisis) that are doing the real damage so far.


Hi Chauncey.

The idea that this possible “bioweapon” is an ineffective one has been posited before at TAC. I submit that it has been a very effective weapon upon the whole world, but especially Western Civilization. This bioweapon has drained the wealth of countries and/or set them into tremendous debt, has strained the medical facilities, destroyed small businesses and some large ones, reset social constructs and panicked citizens.

I am surprised that the economic and social chaos caused by Covid19 was not used as a time to attack by China and others hoping for a weakness in defenses and economy. Of course, perhaps it has done exactly what China hoped it would do, which is to alter the free world by removing freedoms and encouraging authoritarian style governing, thus making the free world more near to the CCP’s design.

I am sure it was hoped that it would do more, but of course the Chi-Coms designed it as a bioweapon, I think it got out accidentally, but once out their actions indicate that they put it to good use by sending abroad Wuhan’s people to all parts of the globe, while preventing them from traveling to other parts of China and then forcibly quarantining their own citizens without regard to their health or lives.

Apparently, “everybody” messes around with viruses to make them more lethal to humans…bioweapons in fact.


Yes, it was used for all of that, but the virus itself wasn’t the lethal part - it was the lockdowns that the virus gave them an excuse to impose caused the damage.


Yes, it was more of a “propaganda myth” weapon than a “bio-weapon”.


Well, the “bioweapon” panicked the governments, panicked the people and the panic led to supports of lockdowns and “allowed” the governments to pick and choose which businesses would fail and which would prosper.

If it was a premature escape from the lab, it still did a good job of causing the West and others to lose. Spread a plague and panic the world. It spread very fast, did not have a vaccine or therapy to deal with it for many months and killed millions of people. It seemingly could not be contained. Do you not think that the world panicked? Do you think the CCP learned something from this mistake, if it was a mistake? They certainly aren’t stopping the process of designing a bioweapon, nor do I suspect that other countries are, either.

Of course, it also caused sensible people to realize how unprepared we are as a country to supply our own needs, and revealed how fragile nations are. Maybe that is a silver lining.


A silver lining - if we had a government capable of learning the lesson.


I mainly focus on UK data, so I’ll just make a point about that. The BBC claims that

There have been more than seven million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and nearly 134,000 people have died, government figures show.

The first point to make is they are now accumulating these numbers over a period of more than one year, which is a statistical trick that has never been done with influenza. More importantly though, the next line admits that:

these figures include only people who have died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus

In other words these are not simply COVID-19 deaths they are all sorts of deaths (including even accidents) where people have died within 28 days of a positive test. A positive test doesn’t even mean people are ill with COVID-19.

Furthermore, many doubts have been cast over whether the tests being used are even accurate in the first place, so even then the numbers are probably an exaggeration. The deaths from influenza are down everywhere, I think I read somewhere by as much as 90% down, and so it looks quite suspiciously as if some of the deaths would previously have been classified as influenza or pneumonia (which sadly is often the cause of death for very old people) as well. For example there were apparently 28,952 deaths from pneumonia in the UK in 2012 alone (which is quite a big number in comparison with the phoney COVID-19 number mentioned above), and that was only 25% of lung disease deaths in that year, giving a total of 115,808 deaths from lung disease in total (and remember that is just ONE YEAR, not an accumulation over multiple years). What has been (deliberately) absent from all the shocking media articles about “COVID-19” deaths is any sort of context and comparison with what normally happens every year.

With such blatant abuse of stats to create as large and frightening number as possible, it is clear that the media, in cahoots with the govt, the NHS, the ONS have all been working to vastly exaggerate the scale of the so-called pandemic (I object to it even being called a pandemic because the real excess death rate is far lower than most people realize, and as recently as 2008 we had a higher (age adjusted) death rate in the UK).

The full BBC propaganda article is here (make sure you have your scepticals on when you read that):

Source for pneumonia stats:

Pneumonia statistics


In 2012, of the 28,952 deaths from pneumonia (5.1 per cent of all deaths and 25.3 per cent of deaths from lung disease), 12,239 were males and 16,713 were females. The total number of deaths was down from 32,282 in 2008.

These numbers cross check with the ONS figure for total deaths in the year -

The provisional number of UK deaths registered in 2012 was 569,024.

See how much bigger this number is than the 134,000 phoney multi-year accumulated figure? I rest my case, the pandemic was nothing of the sort, it was a scamdemic.


Special thanks for that, Chauncey. Makes the case perfectly clear.

It really is a “scamdemic”.

I like to think I always have my “scepticals” on. (Thanks for that too. A gift!)


Even lockdown sceptics here in the UK are busily arguing over reports of “COVID-19” cases, which are virtually meaningless because of the irregularities in reporting the cases in the first place. I’ve also seen at least one previously sensible presenter being taken in specifically by the multi-year accumulation thing. These phoney figures are creating the impression in a lot of people’s minds that the vaccines are working, but the overall (all cause) deaths data shows a completely different picture.

An article from the Telegraph today brings it home just how serious things are though, the children are more at risk from the vaccines than they are from “COVID-19”, it looks inevitable that our governments are already becoming involved in the murders of children (I’ve just posted on this today):

“Are You Feeling Lucky, Mum And Dad?”


Exactly!! Yes, they deliberately leave out the context of what percentage of people who get it die from it, or how it compares to the flu, etc.
Then on top of that they doctor the statistics.