Come On, American Youth, Harvard Students, Socialists, Feminists, Rally and Shout to Celebrate This


These women arrived with their eyes opened, their mouths in grimaces, their fists clenched.

The soldiers that we dealt with had expressions of agony on their faces still. I remember one young woman whose arm was broken in so many places it was difficult for us to lay her arm in the burial shroud, her leg too.

Our team commander saw several female soldiers who were shot in the crotch—intimate parts/vagina—or shot in the breast. This seemed to be a systematic genital mutilation of a group of victims.

A survivor watched a terrorist that morning cut off a woman’s breasts and then play with them—after he had raped her.

One young woman came in with no legs: they had been cut off. We saw several severed heads, one with a large kitchen knife still embedded in the neck.

Charred remains arrived and had to be identified and prepared for burial. These bodies were burned beyond recognition, often without arms or legs; they did not resemble anything human.

Sometimes we sifted through piles of ash that disintegrated as we touched them. These soldiers were burnt alive at very high temperatures.

Among those bodies that were not burned, the heads were often badly disfigured.

Heads and faces were covered in blood, they were shot in the eyes, face, and skull.

It was often impossible for families to be shown faces—and it seems as if mutilation of these women’s faces was an objective in their murders.

Heads were bashed in so badly that their brains were spilling out.

Some were shot in the heads so many times at close range that their heads were almost blown off.

Come on, Biden, don’t be mean - reward Hamas for doing these brave things. Give them more money. Give them a state.

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Right. And keep telling everyone that it’s all Israel’s fault because “colonialism”, or whatever.
“Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities”. We have here the two ultimate examples of that truth for all to see: Hamas, believing the absurdities of Islam, committed these atrocities, and the brainwashed mobs who believe the absurdity of the Marxist propaganda that these monsters are “oppressed”, commit the atrocity of protesting on their behalf while ignoring the horrors they committed against imnocent Israelis.

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