China's Subtle War On America

Selected quotations:
China is waging war upon us but so far we have chosen not to recognize it.
China sent people here infected with the Wuhan virus. That was a biological attack on the United States. The virus killed a million Americans, destroying more of American society than any war in our history. And we did nothing.
The chemical precursors for fentanyl and its analogues are manufactured in China and sent to the drug cartels in Mexico and Latin America that make and distribute it in America. And yet we do nothing.
American groups affiliated with or financed by the Chinese Communist Party have led the charge against fossil fuels and nuclear power. As we turn to the illusion of “green” energy, we find that all its components are mined or manufactured in China or by Chinese companies in third-world countries. Nearly every source of the minerals necessary for batteries, solar panels, or windmills, is owned by Chinese interests. And we do nothing.
Since the biological attack from Wuhan, America has faced shortages unimaginable in our lifetimes. The most insidious shortages came at the beginning of the lockdown. China withheld gloves, masks, and gowns, as well as pharmaceuticals ranging from aspirin to heart medications. Most Americans were unaware until then how dependent we are on Chinese manufacturing. It is no longer just plastic goods at Walmart, or low-quality steel and tools. It’s everything.
The electrical grid is being attacked, by people and for reasons that are unclear. The result is a continued erosion of our standard of living and our way of life, in ways we have seen previously only during wartime. And still we do nothing.
**The Biden family is a Chinese attack on us. China has been grooming Joe Biden, his brother James, and his son Hunter, at least since Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president. **
The Biden Administration is undermining even the U.S. military. That is an attack on national security from within. It discourages American families with a generations-long tradition of military service from joining a force that will deprive them of freedom of conscience. We would have no crisis in recruiting if it were clear that the military is a force to defend our nation and our values, rather than a laboratory for social engineering. And yet we do nothing.

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Yes, China not only released the virus, they own the companies manufacturing the “vaccines”.
(According to Naomi Wolf at Daily Clout, who’s group of volunteers is researching the records that Pfizer wanted hidden for 75 years.)
And yes, Biden and his family are themselves an attack on the U.S. - traitors.


This is “subtle”…?!

Even the Ukraine war is not subtle! As far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a subtle war against the US, as all attacks continue to be blatant, from the invasion from the South to the Islamist cells, from China to Russia. All are only subtle, if heads are stuck in the sand.

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Exactly. The attacks against us, whether from China or the globalists, are obvious. You almost have to be deliberately ignoring it not to see it.
And yet assh#les like Bill Gates still think its clever to say they’re “saving the world from climate change”. Everyone should know this is B.S.!!
They’re so used to getting away with their scam they just keep milking it for all it’s worth.


The Russia-Ukraine war is a hot war.

In the Cold War there was an iron curtain between the Warsaw Pact countries and the West. No trade, no travel, no diplomatic representation, no direct sport competition, no student exchange, no co-operative ventures in science or scholarship …

I thought “subtle” was a good word to describe the war China is waging on the US. It does not mean “undetectable”, but aggression by many means, some “blatant” and some sneaky.

But I’d be glad if someone can offer a better word, a word more apt.


Yes, its “subtle” because our politicians, who have been bought off by China, say nothing and do nothing, as he says, so it’s easy to ignore.
Trump brought it out in the open and attempted to stop it, which is one of the main reasons they had to get rid of him, and replace him with Biden - one of the worst offenders of the whole sorry lot.


The Russia-Ukraine/US war. It is the US bit that might be thought to be subtle, but it isn’t. You are right that it is hot.


Communist China is fighting a war to dominate the world.
[These are] types of warfare that China can use [is using] to attack and harm the U.S. without risking a military counterattack.
Drug Warfare. Fentanyl is savaging American society. Beijing’s delivery system for this weapon in Drug Warfare? Mexican cartels.
–Psychological warfare (“spreading rumors to intimidate the enemy and break down his will”).
–Smuggling warfare (“throwing markets into confusion and attacking economic order”).
–Media warfare (“manipulating what people see and hear in order to lead public opinion along”).
–International law warfare (“seizing the earliest opportunity to set up regulations”). The use of courts to steal technology is another wrinkle.
–Resources warfare (“plundering stores of resources”). China’s attempt to gain control of Congo’s cobalt reserves involved crooked contracts and bribery. That is white collar plundering.
–Economic aid warfare (“bestowing favor in the open and contriving to control matters in secret”). Controlling matters in secret hints at bribery, blackmail and intimidation. The concept goes hand in glove with resources warfare.
–Cultural warfare (“leading cultural trends along in order to assimilate those with different views”). Beijing has spent billions influencing Hollywood and social media. American teenagers love the China-sourced TikTok app. But TikTok and similar apps are potentially routes for spying and disseminating psychologically and socially destructive propaganda.

The author of the article, Austin Bay, comments:
TikTok is being banned by some states. We can fight back.

My comment:
We’re fighting back? How? “Some states” are banning Tik Tok? That’s it?


Yes, our government should be fighting back on every one of those fronts. I do remember hearing that a bill has been introduced calling for a halt in allowing China to buy up our land. Don’t know if it will get anywhere (probably not).
But they should be doing so much more - completely de-coupling the U.S. from China in every way.


Yup, yup, yup…and we just “yupped” ourselves into a hole in the head. (Yosemite Sam)

China and Russia and Iran recently announced a union in all things. Hatred of and the destruction of the US is one of them. Then add in Biden/Obama and that nearly makes a fourth member of the Evil Axis. Add BRICS into the mix.

And, what is happening in Ukraine? China, Russia, Biden/Obama…and Iran will take care of Israel. Do we place Zelensky under the Biden/Obama entity or does he get his own status? I guess that depends on how one thinks of him and his recent history.

How do we stop this? Civil disobedience? Refusing to follow B/O down the path to a world war? Blowing up the phone lines in DC with repeated calls to our Congressmen there or wherever they are? Supporting Rand Paul and a few others that see the connection between the Ukraine war and a US disaster?

It is no longer any conspiracy theory when the conspiracy is proved true.

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I agree with you about the Evil Axis.

Are you indicating that there is no way we can stop the Russia-Ukraine war, or is it US disaster we cannot stop?

Or do you mean both?


We…the collective we of major world nations…should be able to stop both. If the same We considers what may come, why can’t We stop both?

But…stopping the Ukraine war comes first in that desire to stop the insanity.

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Please explain in practical terms how the stopping could be effected.

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I am not able to do that, because I, as all of us are, observers on the outside of nearly all information that is relevant.

How do you stop an escalating fight between children or adults acting like children? Perhaps we should send mothers.

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