China's Grip on the Wider World Tightens

Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz has apparently learned nothing from Germany’s fatal mistake of becoming dependent on Russian gas.
On October 26, Germany’s government decided to let the Chinese state-owned enterprise COSCO Shipping Ports, which has links to China’s People’s Liberation Army, buy a stake in the Port of Hamburg. COSCO is the world’s third-largest container carrier measured by capacity, and the fifth-largest port terminal operator in terms of the amount of cargo and vessels that it handles. The Port of Hamburg is Germany’s largest port and the second-largest port in Europe, making it part of Europe’s most critical infrastructure.
The deal will let COSCO have a 24.9% stake in the port and is a compromise [reduction from proposed 35%] following a dispute within the government between Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz and six of his government ministers.
The opposition also criticized the deal.
(Olaf Scholz of the SPD [leftist Social Democratic Party] , was elected in December 2021, succeeding Angela Merkel. He was elected after the SPD entered into a coalition agreement with Alliance 90/The Greens and the FDP.)

In Germany one man, the Chancellor, has the power in his hands to make a decision so detrimental to his country, even when six of his own ministries are against it!

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I think China has a very deep, tight grip on a vast portion of the world, including the U.S.
It seems like every nefarious deal that gets exposed turns out to have ties to the CCP.
The virus, the vaccines, the election rigging - both here and in Brasil, the big corporations, the Biden family - the list is endless.
Our elites have sold out to them - the big question is whether it’s even possible at this point to extricate ourselves from their control.