Canada Legislates Totalitarianism

Bill C-63, or the “Online Harms Act”, is nothing less than a piece of blatant totalitarian legislation.

It represents so serious a threat to the freedom and sovereignty of the Canadian people that it merits stringent reconsideration before its third and final reading in the Commons. The Act, proposed by Justin Trudeau’s Justice Minister Arif Virani and supported by various activists, media personnel, and assorted officials, has been endorsed by the Governor General, Mary Simon, an Inuk leader and the first Indigenous person to hold Canada’s viceregal position.

Canada is a constitutional monarchy. The duties of the Governor General as the Crown’s representative are constitutional and ceremonial. In the official parlance, the GG upholds the traditions of Parliament and other democratic institutions. The current holder of the office has no brief for engaging in the formulation of public policy. The fact that she has done so, overstepping her office, shows she has become a political apparatchik, a testament to the Liberal government’s authoritarian intention to mobilize all resources, legitimate or not, in order to transform a Western democracy into a Third World tyranny.

The Liberal government clearly has every intention of ramming the new piece of legislation through Parliament with as little publicity as possible and with no public accountability. It is most disturbing that few Canadians, owing to media dissimulation on the one hand and citizen dormancy on the other, seem to understand what awaits them. The Bill is a dark and secretive putsch by the government against its own democratic state.

If Bill C-63 passes the House and is ratified by the Senate, Canada will no longer be a country any freedom-loving individual would consider worth living in. The act would remove any semblance of democratic governance founded on a set of basic and recognized principles: freedom of expression, assembly, and religion; mobility rights; property rights; a fair and responsible press; the rule of law; citizen participation; regular elections; and habeas corpus.

The democratic citizen will have become a political subject utterly dependent on the favor of the government, which will in turn have become the sole arbiter of both truth and consequence.

The Bill purportedly aims to reduce online “hate” and “hate speech” - terms that are devoid of any clear distinction and can be made to mean anything the government and its appointed commissioners want them to mean. Realistically put, any form of speech that is critical of the current government and its representatives or is seen to violate the tenets of political correctness or that can be labeled “disinformation” or “racism” will be considered as criminal.

Penalties range from fines of up to $70,000, and jail sentences for presumed “defendants” that can culminate in imprisonment for life.

One can be indicted for something one might have said or an act or statement that others fear one might commit or say in the future.

The Bill is disguised under the shoehorn pretext of protecting children from online pornography, an obvious lie when one considers that lewd public displays called Pride parades, sexually explicit education for minors, and gender transition surgery are all legally permissible and even encouraged.

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This was the Orwellian intent behind the invention of “hate speech” all along.
But I thought Canadians woke up to the government’s nefarious intentions during Covid, during the Trucker protests. What happened?
I guess Trudeau’s shameful treatment of the truckers succeeded in intimidating other citizens into self imposed “dormancy”.

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Trudeau is satanic. The remarkable thing is that there is so little pushback from Canadians.